Love nest

Image result for cuddled in his arms

Slippery arms

drenched with your sweat

your aroma excites me as always

lips never parted

coddled in your lips

I lost the grip on my soul

letting you slip into me 

I erupted like a volcano in your love

smile bursting out into the deep kisses

rolling on the bed, like kids playing around

wrapped in your strong arms, that held me closely

securing me in that love nest of yours 

I just wanted to be wired to you.

No better place than you

The gap in your fingers

is meant to fit mine

let me squeeze through them and place mine

hold me tight 

never let me move away

when slowly the music begins to  play

grab my waist and dance along

let me rest my head on your shoulders

forgetting myself in the enchanting music played on

as you kiss away the tiredness in me

slowly like the swans floating in the water

you take me all along dancing with the beats 

making me realize that there is no better place than you to rest my head.