I am scared of not being with you..

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Why I do I feel I am loosing?

When you are just mine

I could still feel the touch of yours

I could still feel your breath on my face

even apart, I know our souls are entwined

you are not just a dream,  to me

you are the soul I live in

I breathe you like my words

once I stop writing

it would be the end of the world where you and I lived

I fear as you drift away

when I know you are just mine forever.


With you words became poetry


I never knew the art of writing

until I met you

the words became a poetry

i never knew what love was

until i felt the love for you

I never knew what separation anxiety was

until I was scared to be away from you

I never knew what was to forget oneself in love

until I learnt the art of falling in love with you

I never knew the art of making love

until you touched me

All I ever want now is to forget myself in your arms

All I ever want is to sleep with you and wake up in your arms

All I want to enjoy the shower with you

All I want is to share a nibble with you

All I want is to be yours only forever

you flipped my world with the one meet

you became the key to my heart

your thought brings a smile on me face

you enlighten my spirits

letting me fall in love every moment i think of you.