Beads of my Chaos

It was hard indeed, a change, a relocation quite unexpected in my life. Even though I am quite open to challenges that appear in my life, this time it shattered me. I was quite unsure when this came up, it did break open certain wounds that I never expected will ever appear in my life.
I was quite settled down in my space, it was like my safe house, but then again like tumbled down, I am pushed away from my comfort zone. The pain was quite shattering. It did misplace my mind. Even then not completely agreeing to the changes, I accepted it, because that was my nature. All i ever knew, from the very beginning of my life, is to get adapted.
I was so comfy with friends around, and a life that I always wanted with my beloved ones, but again I had to move on. My destiny seemed to have shifted from where I was. But my soul was contained there where I belonged.
I wondered why it always happens to me, the moment I feel like there is no more shifting and finally, I am settled, I am thrown quite far away from where I belong. And just leaving me scarred for a long time. Gradually the pain either takes me over or I conquer the pain and live with it forever.
I feel like I am just a robot in motion,
trying to figure out my notions,
but just flowing along with the tide…
the windows seem so different,
even when the sun shines the same…
the doors opened up to a world,
unknown to me.
The journey seems normal,
bu the path never collided with the one I wished for,
like the dandelion fragmented into the air,
pieces of me, scattered away in the breeze.

Unsure is my notions,
Unsure is my words which flow,
is it because I am cold,
Or is it because my heart is frozen.
I wondered as I wandered,
again in search of the same comfort,
I lost on my journey.

Yet again, all I knew is,
I will return to where i belong.
The place where i was nurtured and cared.
The arms where I belong,
but the wait is hard and grievous,
which indeed is breaking my patience
and my yearning for living.

Devoid of all feelings,
I live the present,
to conquer my future,
which I await the most.

In the blink of an eye….

woman and man standing

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With you,

every blink of an eye is more like a thousand years.

every blink of an eye is a wish with you.

be with me,

as you bring me joy, uncountable with my eyes open..

you take me to an ecstasy ride,

which is strange to me, every day…

the way you delve into me,

the eyes magnetize my lips closer to yours..

at a slow pace, you evade into me and my thoughts

unblemished smile of your soul excites me

when you wait, for my consent to conquer me…

When I already surrendered to you knowingly.

I slowly run my fingers , over you…

finding my treasure to engulf it..

as you trickle down my skin…

even in the darkness, your eyes are brighter than the fireflies

lighting up my soul …

and I smile ..

amidst the rhythm of our souls’ friction against each other

until the fire broke off...








Danced to the rhythm of hearts

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Why I felt as if the world was paused…

all of a sudden..

everything around me stopped

as we were locked in each other’s lips…

All I could feel was the dampness of the dancing lips…

and the way you crunched me in your arms…

like you never wanna leave me…

and the background rhythm of our heart..

racing against each other to augment our passion…

and we just flow in its rhythm…

crawling on to each other…

quenching thirst of passion.


Harmonizing the beats of our hearts

adults affection embrace feelings

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When I look at you,

everything in my world dissolves

only you and I remain there…

wherein, there is nothing that could part us..

like petals being kissed gently by the breeze..

you pecked me amidst the chaos of the world..

I blushed like I was blessed with a season to bloom…

you are the world I want to live in.

you become the heart I want harmonise mine with..

Together, we recite the rhythm of love..




Unshy under the sun…

adult affection bed closeness

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I want to witness your glazing skin..

as I open up my eyes…

laying beside you ..

amidst the luscious greenery

with the sun shining bright on our skin

burning our skin.

yet, we just lay underneath the shady trees..

which was clothing us and let us not shy away from the sun…

the heat outside was far less beyond

the heat we emitted from our skin stroking each other…

the love, i yearned every moment…

was in your arms..

that brought me all alive..

like all my dead cells were growing up..

i lay on those dew drops like sweat….

aromatized by your fragrance upon me..

which was stimulating my senses..

beyond my control…

engaging my fingers in grazing on your bosom hairs..

pecked by your lips..

when you whisper to me for more..






adult affection bed closeness