Nights never overwhelmed me as much, as it is now..

silhouette of person under starry night artwork

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Nights began its whisper

windchimes rhythmically

bringing in music to life

the night enchants everything around

for a moment I pause

the breeze sweeping my thoughts away

as if it is making love to me

tingling my feet, bringing a smile on me

the moon playing hide and seek with the clouds

as I hide with the curtains swinging with the breeze

the light falls on my skin

brightening every pores on mine

dawn never excited me as much

as you do, my nights…

I could be awake and feel the warmth of the night

and the coldness of the breeze that tantalizes my mind

nights never became so overwhelming to me ever…

since it reminds me of

loved ones …



Wind Chimes- the melody to my ears

the music to my ears

the push in the air created ripples in the atmosphere

the breeze came alongĀ 

playing with the beads of the chimes

creating music in the melancholy

the sound of the wind chimesĀ 

it was like the melody to my ears

with the breeze, the chimes danced its way

dangling in the air creating the waves of sound

killing the silence around me

whispering to me their presence

at times with a loudness or with a softness

it churns the loud wind into the loud music

and soft breeze like a melody to the ears

enlightening me to drift into a slumber

Playing the lullaby to me.