Learning the unspoken words


As I always said , life is quite easier when kids can read through the expressions of their parents and understand them.

I have seen many parents who calm their kids with just a mere look  and I always wondered what does the kid understand from just silence.Earlier I shout at my lil one ,and thought shouting will make them hear a lil bit better and I may sound like am angry  , but most of the time it turned out to be a big failure. The more I shout , the more irritated we both used to get and at last it will be me , who keeps mouth shut as I never have energy to fight again.

At last I thought , may be I should try the same methods as other parents , at least for sometime they may keep calm.She used to understand most of the time if am angry , and immediately to make me smile , she gives me a kiss. She thinks that kiss is like a remedy for her mom’s anger , so that I don’t shout at her or get angry.With a lovely kiss, she melts our heart.

Yesterday , I had a bad throat pain , that I was not able to speak ,so I though better not to shout at her for anything and kept quite.She was banging the xylophone on the door , and I was as usual angry , but I just kept quite and looked at her sharply , and immediately she looked at me, and stopped doing that and asked me ” why not” , still i didn’t reply her, and then she felt that something was wrong and immediately put her xylophone down saying “OKK” .

I couldn’t resist laughing , and I was happy , silence works .  🙂

I need someone who understands me, even when no words are spoken



Its feels great when someone understands us without even telling or showing them what we feel.

I have noticed my lil one too to be good at that , whenever am about to get upset withe her, immediately she knows what will be my next reaction , and she either hugs me or give me a lovely kiss…and I just melt off . Just before my facial expression changes  , she captures my feeling , and making me feel better. kids are so sweet at this, a magical thing .

Its the same with other relations, when relations grow stronger, words are never needed, even if the person is not physically present with us, feels that something is wrong and comes to help us.Such people are quite a few and difficult to find , and those who have someone to talk to are the luckiest.

I wonder how it happens , how does someone else who is not connected to our self , knows how do we feel .I have noticed that , my best friend notices am sad , even from the words I type , he/she need not see me  ,that strange , but I love it, when I don’t have to tell and someones knows exactly what I need.

The best person , all of us know who is good at this is our parents, they know the best for us. I have always experienced that , I don’t need to tell my mom , and before that she knows exactly what I want and what am thinking, she is superb at it I can say. I love her for this.

The world needs such people , who realize what exactly the other person needs without them asking .I just feel that is the perfect relation. 🙂 not everyone is gifted.