She waited by the sea


I walked by the sand 

neighboring the roaring sea

the water turned blackish from turquoise

the sea was welcoming, yet murderous

the water was not clear

I sought out myself to look at the distance

far away a boat sailing with the wind 

approaching the shore

as if it was playing and dangling in the hands of the waves

slowly approaching the land caressed by the waves

the boat harbored on the shore

out came from the boat was the one I waited for

the one who walked miles and swam across the oceans

to be mine

the waves roared and raised higher as if to witness the unification of our souls

the wait I had perished in the arms of his

the tears were washed away in the rain 

the whole universe stood up to behold the love we had treasured

we united finally at God’s will. 



Vanquishing my loneliness


Vague and void is the surrounding

nothing is clear and customary

straining my eyes, nothing seemed to be apparent

yet I kept gazing out of the window

all I could sense was you

I wondered why my mind was boggling me

the whole world seemed to be bewildering me

I speculated my mind, yet my heart whispered

” It just love my dear”

nothing could calm my heart other than one thing

my eyes frisked through the crowds just for him

Yet, nothing was visible

the affliction in my heart was unexplainable

still, it suffered in silence not even dripping a sign of tears

as I was about to be absorbed in the torment due to hollowness in my heart

he appeared from nowhere

to quench the thirst for love

vanquishing the loneliness in my soul

I relaxed in his arms and as I drifted into the sleep of peacefulness

all I could see was the love in his eyes for me

I slid myself into the sleep

a deep sleep of secureness.

She ran to him …..


Her eyes were teary

her heart was beating faster

she was running with pain

everyone looked at her

but she ran unnoticing all the questioning eyes

she ran ferociously to that direction

the eyes following her had thousands of questions

many whispers were humming around her

yet she was least bothered

her eyes were focussed

there was no reason in her mind that could stop her

every reason she collated was forcing her to take a step forward 

she ran like an untamed animal

towards the darkness of the forest

that was where he disappeared finally

she never knew how much she loved him until it happened

the moment she realized the uncertainty of meeting him

her eyes betrayed her and tears rolled down her cheeks

As she closed her eyes, she could feel his breath closer to her face

she felt as if he was hugging her from behind

cuddling her soul

as she opened she knew what she has lost

her tears couldn’t resist, her legs never stopped

she ran as fast as she can towards infinity

the only belief she had, was that he might be waiting there for her

opening up his arms towards her

with all the love for her in his eyes

she knew he would embrace her

she long for the moment to be in his arms and kiss him all over

the moments they ever cherished when they were together

As she escaped from all the questioning eyes,

she reached the space where the stars shined above, the trees waved and the grasses paved the way

there he stood awaiting her.

My reflection in the mirror


Evil in me opened up

as I looked at the mirror

it was just a reflection of me in the mirror

but was it just me?

no, it wasn’t me

It was a wild woman in disguise

I was not the one in the mirror

I knew I was never beautiful and attractive like the one in the mirror

the woman in the mirror had the enchanting eyes

she could seduce anyone

It wasn’t me

where am I hidden in the mirror

I checked twice

but to my surprise

I could never find myself

the old me, who was hidden underneath the clean image

the reflection in the mirror was a woman who was like a vixen

who was killing the soul in me

the real me want to run and escape but it was near impossible

but the wild soul in her had thousands of wounds to hide

none in the world has seen her tears and her agony

it was me, who knew it

I knew the reasons for her to be what she has become now

she became the rock, that never gathered any lichen

the wildness in her was seen in the eyes

even if I tried to die down the fire, it never let go

the fire could burn thousands yet she remained silent

her silence was the smile she wore on her lips

she could fight a war all alone, as the fighter in her could survive

I kneeled down but she stood right across me

and pulled me up and let me hold my head high up

to never let me fail

she gathered my courage and together we walked away into the world.

You solved my heart


At times I wondered what my heart needed

did I ever love someone truly

I realised when I eyes unknowingly shed tears for you

I realised when I truly felt a dagger in my heart, at the very moment I missed you

I realised that love is not just being around for someone

but to be someone’s forever even when they are not near

I learned to say no to many things

I could control myself from all the temptations

It is you who is my strength

with you, its just me and not a pretend me

I could smile unconditionally

I could love unconstrained

I love to be tangled in your arms forever

I realised my worth, the reason for my life

you make me complete

you make me step into my dreams

the way we are connected make me live and smile

you are one my heart sighed for …