Bits of me

the air was filled with bits of me

as I ripped out a part of me

flying high scattered all around

some went into the canals floating in its own way

some were lost in the stampede

some flew into the air like a lost part

some lay in your palms

hold me tight in your fist

the part of me

that never want to leave you 

open the treasure of your dreams to me 

let me be the one that you want to live it with

as the rest of me floated apart from me

the only one that belonged to you stayed

I give you the unperfect part of me into your hands

treasure me like a pearl in the shell

I may be handful to you,

but that is why you have your two hands to take me fully.


Cherish my taste

I want to creep in your thoughts

as and when I wanted to

I know that the world around me is stimulating

that you leave yours to be in mine

I want you to be around me 

losing control of yourself

and enjoying the bliss of being in me

chase me as I run

even when I don’t have intentions to run away from you

hold me tight, even when I am not losing my grip on you

I want to lose myself in those arms 

setting myself free like the butterflies

cherish the taste of me on your lips

as I become irresistibly yours.

Let me be your drug

Take me as yours

until the last star in the galaxy dies off

let me be the path you want  to walk on

let my fingers be the one that switches on the fire in you

let my eyes be the one that makes you go crazy

let my arms be the place where you find solace

let me be your loneliness you want to enjoy your solitude

let me be the smile that adorns your lips

let me be the echo of your soul 

that whispers you the wonders of love

let me be the one to heal your wounds

let me be the infection that you never want to get rid off 

let me crawl inside your mind and dominate your senses

let me be the craving that you are irresistible to

let me harm you so that I can be your dope.