This is how Sudha Murthy saved me

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Every night is a story challenge for me… At times, even though i recollect pretty lot many stories, I keep forgetting them, at the time I really need them in my brain.

I guess i need to patch up with my memory soon, it just remembers the unwanted ones.

My little darlings need a story every night, Thanks to my mom, who at times saves me from this hurdle.

But, yes still I need a saviour at times. As my elder one who recently turned 9, is slowly getting an interest in reading, she is fond of reading all the small tales like Panchatantra ( which was almost getting dusted for past two years here) and the rest. I am in a searching spree to find new stories ..

And here I found my saviour…

Sudha Murthy

Her wonderful collections are quite engaging and Its so easy to keep in my mind, that I started reading more of her books, to recite a few to my kids. I am not an ‘avid reader’ – but an ‘excuse-reader’, hence it is tough for me to glue to books, yet I manage to read a few.

I wish, by the time age conquers me, I shall be well-read as I call it.

So, parents, who want to tell stories at nights at bedtime,  I would suggest Sudha Murthy’s collections.

Even I am interested to know, what all you read to your kids, Do suggest and help me explore more.