How to Overcome Negative thoughts and embrace Positivism ?

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.”

Bo Bennett

It all starts with a gesture, a word or something said by someone or someone so dear to us. And then without any other external effort, we start building a mountain of problems and negative thoughts, which were never in the beginning.

We begin to feel sorry for ourselves and start to belittle ourselves and get drenched in our rain cloud. These accumulating thoughts just go on and on and we are unable to control them. It slowly eats up our conscience and we just lose ourselves into that loop, losing a piece of our selves in that chaos.

So here are some tips, that will help you overcome negative thoughts:

  1. Be the treasure hunter when in negative thought. Find the best out of any negative situation. Like if you have failed upon something, find what you earned from it, be it a lesson or another opportunity. Ask questions to yourself and you are sure to find an appropriate answer to it.
  2. Question yourself, when you are amidst negative thoughts. Is it worth to be upset about that or do you need to take it seriously? It is better to deviate yourself from these thoughts and over a small mistake and then focus on other better things. These questions give you a reality check on the aspects and lets you think clearly.
  3. Keep yourself away from the negative spaces or people or even things. It might be social media, people you know, or even things that remind you of negative things. Stay away from them, and then make use of that space and time effectively.
  4. Let a molehill be a molehill than a mountain. We all have the habit of turning molehills to mountains. And finally who suffers, just us. We panic undauntedly over things that are really not in our control and then waste our time over it.
  5. Talk it out always. An ideal solution for everyone. Talk to someone who knows you well or never judge you over anything.
  6. Breath in and breathe out when you are filling in with negative thoughts. Take yourself out of the situation and then take a break from that negative environment.
  7. Never let vague fears crawl into your mind. Remember that all are different, hence one’s problem may not be your problem. Moreover, if you are not clear about the problem, and just run away from far without even taking a second look at it, then it is the biggest mistake. Sometimes the worst that might happen isn’t the worst you thought it would be.
  8. Guide others with positive aspects. We all are experts in solving other problems in just a click away. Sometimes the more we tend to help others, we tend to solve ours effectively.
  9. Be grateful for what you have. Not everyone around you has what you possess.Being thankful eliminates many unwanted thoughts.
  10. Remember – None care what you do. People speak, blame but they are hardly bothered about what you do. All they see is what they are.

Hence these are some easy tips, isn’t it?

Trust me, not so easy as it sounds though, but worth trying. There is no harm in trying all these.

Either you become successful in evading the negativity out from your life and bring in positivism. Or you might just end up learning another lesson.

In both ways, you are on the better side.

Good Luck !!

Everything commences from you

I find silence in the noise;

where ever my eyes run,

all I see is you;

is it you everywhere  or is it just me lost;

with you, even my life seems fully filled

even if i live half of it;

whatever I became,  it commences from you;

with you in life, all i feel is just complete ;

complete enough that even the air I breath seems to keep me happier.


The first dewdrop

Stuck in my eyes,

unhindered,  were his words ;

without a blink, he focused on me;

he admired my soul;

like it was the first time;

he saw me open up;

all i felt was, a thousand flowers blooming within ;

like every time his eye lashes scribbled the most romantic epic in my heart;

my heart was pounding, like the chugging of the train approaching me;

every step he took, the heartbeat was echoing much more;

as I could feel the heat of his body against mine;

I just shut my eyes,

an unknown hormone, buds a smile on my lips;

drying away my throats;

like awaiting the downpour of the rain;

I raised my  neck, enough to be pecked rightly;

finally, our breaths were bouncing against each other;

and then , i felt the tiny drop of dew on my lips;

and I smirked, as If i was soaking in the first rain of my life.



Every feather of my thought- is just You

Your fingers, painting the most exotic one on me;

as it drifts across and sprays the paint on the canvas which is me;

i feel like a rainbow, soaked in every colour that encompasses you;

each moment is like we are sailing together in the boats of our dreams,

under the blanketed night sky;

the dreams, wherein, i am just the right flower for you taste the honey.

as i bloom, in every drop of love from you,

you take me to ecstasy, beyond my thoughts,

you pecked away , every feather of my thoughts;

unbuckling me into space, where you are the only gravity;

that held me closer, a breath away.


Let me freeze the time and live in it


Heartbeats, thumping like the beats of music.

that you always loved listening to.

I just heard only the rhythm, it was playing..

as you were sighted right in front of me..

brightening my eyes..

overwhelming my thoughts, with nothing but you..

I stood awake,

but I was closing my eyes and listening to the heart,

which homes me..

like the raindrops, falling into the ocean…

becoming one with it..

I wished you rain upon me…

reciting the poetry of dewdrops…

and smooching away the inhibitions in me…

all I knew it that, the only thing I want

is love you much more…

and feel alive.

Just freeze the moment..

and loop in that moment forever

and let you take me into you…- The Home I always adore to be in.