under the rain…soaked

the night was cold

the pitter patter of the rainfall

brought in chaos in the night

the privileged lie under the shelter

and the rest lay under the pouring rain

I walked out of the room 

to feel the rain

every drop counting on my skin

I was cherishing it and letting it into me

soaking myself under the dark clouds

thunder and lightining rugged me

standing strong I let myself into the cold

feeling the pride of being real.



soaked in rain


Like a gentle drop

patting on the rooftop

drop by drop

sliding down the window pane

smoothly curving its way through the glass

your hands moved over me

like the cold craving for the warmth

I held your finger tips

I let you swallow me 

like the horizon swallowing the sun

the whole me soaked in you

i arose like  a crystal soaked in the rain

shining like a diamond brushed with fire.