By the sea, my thoughts battled with the waves …

I stood there gazing at the amazing waves of the sea
the sunset, where the beauty is overbound
at the far horizon, where the sky meets the sea,
I watched the red hot ball shaped sun settling down into the sea
as if it was going to take a plunge into the cold sea waters
the soft breeze was fondling me and the cool waters were washing my feet
the shimmering sand beneath my feet washed away with every wave
leaving a large footprint were my feets immersed, soaked in the sand
each time I step out and stand in the next position when the wave arrived
and every time I made a footprint, the other one vanished
I was playing with the waves when the sun began to sink into the sea
I watched as the birds flew away to their homes
and the beach was filling with people who love the night
the sunset was a tantalizing image in my thoughts
I wished I could just vanish away like that one day after shining bright and strong all along
I wished I could just be the light for someone’s life
I wished I was the sole reason for the bloom of a life
I wished I could rise up into the sky, like the sun and sink into the deep ocean with no strings attached
I wished I could be like the sun, who invisibly brightened the moon and dazzling stars to award a prodigious night sky
I wished to be imperceptible but be a reason for someone’s happiness
I wished to be the waves, that could carry the weight of the heart and leave behind the treasure trove from beneath the sea
I wished to be the tree, whose shade was comforting
I wished to be someone who loved you the most…
As I was lost in my thoughts, there you come to fulfill my wishes
holding me in your arms, the safest place on earth I could ever find
holding my hands and conveying me that am the meaning of your life
the life that you give me, is more than what I could dream of
the joy is profound and the blessings are uncountable
I held his hands and walked on the wet sand soaked in the waves
leaving a mark on the sand of our togetherness.

She was paradox


Colors everywhere

yet she was in hiding herself in the mystic black

did she convey that she hated all colors?

No, she was not, she loved the mystery of black

only the ones who knows her what is hidden underneath the black

black welcomes all colors and soak them into itself

the beauty of black is unmatchable

the blackness of the night sky

darkness has its own beauty

beauty only know to the ones who admire everything

the world that just loves fairness, fail to admire the elegance of black

the mystery that holds in the darkness is the one that tantalizes her

she wanted to be mysterious to the world and know to only those who know her in depth

she posed to the world as someone who wants to be hidden

she was not an open book, but an enigma

she was afraid to get out of the paradox she built, to keep herself happy

the riddle in her soul was just unwinding itself when she falls in love

yet the conundrum remained unsolved like the demure black hole.

What the beach took from her

Young woman underwater floating with white dress
In the far end, visible to his eyes, there she stood close to the tree, overlooking the magnificent beach ahead. He knew she loved the way the waves caressed the sand. She compared it to the act of making love, teasing whenever she spoke to him.
She was lost in her thoughts, at times smiling at something. She didn’t want anyone, she could find solace even in the roars of the beach and the cool sand. The evening was splendid, she couldn’t take her eyes off the sea and the birds flying. In the far end, all she could see was the waves rushing onto the shore and then carrying away everything from the sand but leaving at least some treasures.
Her kids were enjoying the waves, she saw them picking up the treasures that the sea left for them. The sun was setting down, the reddishness was filling the sky. She kept looking at the impeccable beauty of nature, the winds caressing and tickling her soul as it passed by. She felt being young again, the soft breeze was kissing her nose, lips and her neck, she felt like the wind teasing her like the first love.
She left her hair open, enjoyed the touch of the wind on the strands of her hair, her soul, raised her hands, stretched herself, and then slowly as if releasing her soul, fell onto the sand. She felt like soaking herself on the sandy beach. She lay down there and felt the whole beach on herself the sands the shells everything. It was like she got plunged into the soft layer of the mother earth. She lay there and watched the sun go down.
As soon as the sun touched the horizon, she stood up, walked to the waters, and let the waves gulp her. She stood there watching the waves come and capture her. There was a time when she wished the waves took her away, but now she didn’t.
She wanted to be here with her love and wanted to feel the life. She felt soaked and drenched with the salty beach water. She looked for her kids, ran to them, and held their hands and ran into the beach, She played with them for hours, something in her whole life she will never ever get bored off.She realized being a mom had made her think more of others than herself.
She drowned her selfishness in the beach and took only the selfless one along with her as she returned home.She wanted to be the desired by others, rather than a need.