You solved my heart


At times I wondered what my heart needed

did I ever love someone truly

I realised when I eyes unknowingly shed tears for you

I realised when I truly felt a dagger in my heart, at the very moment I missed you

I realised that love is not just being around for someone

but to be someone’s forever even when they are not near

I learned to say no to many things

I could control myself from all the temptations

It is you who is my strength

with you, its just me and not a pretend me

I could smile unconditionally

I could love unconstrained

I love to be tangled in your arms forever

I realised my worth, the reason for my life

you make me complete

you make me step into my dreams

the way we are connected make me live and smile

you are one my heart sighed for …

Hope is the key to our puzzle


The pain is intense

I don’t know how to convey it to you

at times I thought Why should I put you through this pain

yet my silly heart is not convinced

did I pull you down from a peaceful life

I kept thinking, yet my silly heart denied

the pain of being away was so immense that

I felt dying was easier

I wish I could be near you forever

Life played a gamble with our lives

keeping us apart as two but as one single soul

locked up in the dilemma of love

you made my life simpler

with less complicated thoughts

yet we are moving in a puzzle

I wish I knew the key to the puzzle

and lock ourselves in a beautiful life together

hope is our key maker

with the hope I know one day we will be together.