Extinct or Extent


Extensions of my due here

on earth never impressed me

all I ever wanted to be

was never to be extinct in one’s life

to be in everlasting love,

imagining to the core

engulfed by thoughts that

brings on my hormones to dance on…

an invincible life

that is grudged to the core

emotions that swirl across me

like the oceanic waves

bringing me the treasure underneath

unrevealing the secrets to me

as I remain the only one to receive it fully.




back view countryside couple cropland

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Eyes met,

and they drifted away

it was just seconds away

from the touch

floating away into infinity…

taking a piece of each other in their arms

weighing it above their hearts, they moved on

everything they never said

felt in the magnificence of silence they had

some love stories, live separately…

it is True and everlasting gesture of Meet.


Purity of love is undefined

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Ages I waited,

till I felt the pain of loving deeply

it was in the faintest gap

I could feel the love so pure

so heartwarming it was

wherein  I felt the love awakening every inch of me

bringing life to all of me

with his touch , everything unlocked in me.

Dismayed by the power of love

I knew nothing beyond loving him

who brought me back to life

as he waited, as I did wait.

the power of love

You are the one whom I wished for in life

A companion in every way

I gave you the power to conquer me

I surrendered to you in all the way

Even the thought of relinquishing seemed to be hard for me

I gave you the power to destroy me

I entrusted my heart to you 

with a belief that you will never hurt me

I let my fear fade away as I slowly immersed in you

As we become united, the power of love reigns

forever becomes a symphony in our life

as we dance across our life stages transcending

with the hope to fulfill the desire to be together forever.