As they parted their ways…


She waited for his arrival

leaving the door to her heart open

eyes on the pathway for his glimpse

ears waiting for his footsteps

the moment he arrived

she hurriedly hugged him

he hugged her tightly kissing her on her neck

she felt the whole world had arrived in her arms

she could be with him for hours

yet time was their enemy …as the time moved

it was time for them to part their ways

as he was leaving, she held his hands tightly

wishing that the moment paused forever

and she could be with him till her death

she wanted to spend every breath of her life in his arms

as he wanted to be in her arms

she knew he wished to cry out.

but when nothing was in their hands,

what else they could do then part their ways for good

his tears rolled down his heart, unknowingly drenching her soul

her fingers held his fingers tightly.

as his legs started to move and walk away from her.

she held his hands …close to hers…

she smiled, yet her eyes were ditching her

her smile was overshadowed by her melancholy

he let go her hands

his eyes promising her that, they would meet again

he slowly moved away from her.

leaving his heart in her hands forever

parting his ways from hers.

hurting their soul.

as the distance was killing them.

he wished to be in her arms …

yet the devils played their part.

keeping them away for a while

to test their love and patience

she could not think

how she would handle this void space

yet she was sure that in the end…he will be waiting for her

with his arms open up for her.

their wait continued…….till the time elapsed.

I hate Goodbyes


I am not so good at goodbyes.

Some partings …are helpful. ;)…and easy to say ..because its just getting rid of people…but some good byes are painful…because we don’t want to part with our loved ones.

My lovely lil daughter , is realizing the parting dilemmas , she is in a stage now to realize what exactly  ‘good byes’ mean. I have noticed  that , whenever she is back from her school,, and bids good byes to her friends , she hated it so much. She never wanted to be away from them, but later on things changed, she realized that its not a leave taking , but a small bye for a short time and she will be meeting them again. 

Later she started to take such things lightly and enjoyed waving her hands to her friends to say good bye and meet them again later. Whenever her dad leaves for office , earlier she enjoyed to wave him bye-bye , but now , she knows that those bye-byes…. are meant for a little longer time for him to come back, ,and she will not get him to play with ,and now she likes to wait for her dad to be back home , she keeps checking the footsteps and keep asking me “who is coming” and waits for me to tell her that its her dad.

The same magic applied, ‘the wait for something ‘, when her grandparents left, we told her ,, in order for her to chat with them again, they have to go and so she consoled herself . 

Its so appreciative to see kids admire people in their life and value them.