wrap me up…


winds flapping on the window

as if it is knocking on the glass pane

being in your arms never scared me

I was snuggling in the blankets close to you

relaxed in the strong arms

as you leisurely stroke my arms and hair

the wind is escaping through the window and caressing the souls

from the glass window, all I could see was the reflection of us


i was dark

terrible and shaken

you turned the lights on in me

making it so shiny and bright

crystal and clear like the diamond

if I were to be reborn I want to be the sand

I want you to grow deep into me like a plant

I want to grow old with you as you spread the roots into me.


Irresistibly yours


I am lost
I wonder why my heart is awake
As I close my eyes, I could feel you near me
I learned to wait, even if it meant a lifetime
I learned the art to be patient, in love
I learned to smile without reason
it is you who changed me
I know the catastrophe in our life
is only that we are away
miles cannot harm our love
as you are the reason my heart beats
the longing is hard to explain
my words could do no justice
yet the pain cannot be hidden
the eyes showered tears
that were never hidden to you
Your love is like breathing
if I stop, I would be no more…
every walk of my life I need you
I fall in love with you the millionth time
every day I love you to the fullest
even if i think that it’s the most I can
every other day, I fall in love you more than yesterday
the feel of being yours is impeccable and irresistible​.