Until the pain lurks around with your touch

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A reflection of  his image

pondering over my thoughts

reclaiming the moments I lost in the clouds

distance separates us,

yet, the fondest memories keep us close

all I want to remain is 

wrapped my legs around you 

like if I am holding you close to my frame

let your mind be engulfed in the aroma 

which is expelled, from the groping of you and me

enticed by the sweat and as you harbour on my lips

embarking on my journey to ecstasy ..

I know how much I miss you ….

as the distance kills me, much more

until the pain lurks around with your touch.



A night to remember

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Like the softest breeze

inching my skin, you caressed

Like the dew on my lips

you nibbled, skipping my heart

loving you like never before

in the dimness of the light that shone

our eyes met, exchanging our souls 

slowly and steadily conquering our inner selves

every drop of you I tasted like wine

the shyness that wards off, as you unrobed me

blooming  like the Moonflower I lay beside you

a night to remember forever, you gifted me.






Her breathing heavy

His presence making her nervous

As he approached her, she stood  still

as if she was frozen

the warmth of his body 

flaring up the heat in her even from a distance

as he was approaching her

her eyes overlooking the shadow that was moving closer to her

making her sweat profusely

she took a deep breath, like a gulp of air

as she turned to look at him

his smile stirred thousands of emotions in her

he was mesmerized by her eyes 

lost in those magical eyes 

he came closer to her cupping her face in his warm palms

without kissing her, he could never take his lips back

pecking his lips over hers like the butterfly on the petal

he hugged her tightly like there is no tomorrow.




Be Volatile and live

Why it hurts?

Why it hurts when am alone?

Why it is so agonizing, to bear the truth?

Is it me alone, who is suffering

Time is slipping away from my hands

I wish to embrace you and forget the world around me

Fate separated or paths

yet the distress we mete out, remains the same

for a moment I wish the world around me is skipped

And I be yours forever, even it meant it was a moment of life

Hold me for a second, place a deep kiss that leaves our souls floating 

leaving the human part of ourself volatile.



Moon over you

Lost in the eyes

lost in the arms

unable to gasping my breath

tangled in the skin

engulfing my mind with passion

wrapped in the satin skin 

with the feel of life inside 

cherishing the taste that addicts me

showing him what is love 

as  he showered all his love on me

I smiled at the delight of being in his arms

hiding away my fears to plunge into him.