One moment, I felt I was soaked in him



He looked into my eyes

like he was seeing me for the first

he grabbed my hand

pulling me closer to him

I thrust my head on his chest

the caring nest in my world

the feelings flowed like a river

i could feel his warmth all over me

the way he hugged me

pressing me deeply into him

I knew he wished, we just become one for the moment

I wished to never leave his side, and be with him forever

our hearts were beating in sync

the moments of fulfillment was filling us in

I realized how much we missed being together

for a moment we truly got soaked in each other

caressing our mind and body

interlacing our hearts in the magic of oneness.





Behold me like never before


Embrace me in your arms
dissolve me in your heart
so that none could separate me from you
whisper in my ears like the softness of the wind
untie my hair and play with the knots
tickle my soul and make me laugh
like never before
move your fingers on my face so I could bite it
play on me so that I enjoy like a kid
ur unconditional love makes me madly fall in love again
ur touch brings butterflies in my belly
ur eyes makes me slip into your arms
forgetting the world around me
your warmth makes me ignite
my body looses the control
it behaves like a magnet
attracted by your body
the more we are near
our souls brush together
like the petals kissed by the dew drops
ur fragrance‚Äč lingers on me all along
as I close my eyes, you keep flowing all over me
the feeling of your breath all over me
makes me feel that my body is moving along as you move
the feelings are so real that I forget that I was in my deep sleep
as I drifted into sleep lost in your thoughts
when you came and held my head on your shoulders
never letting me fall off
every reason I find to be with you
makes me fall in love with you again.