Being Late cost me you


I never knew that being late was such a hardship

I lost you, in the whole journey

Being late cost me …you

the loss cannot be nullified

the void cannot be filled

yet we survive

to the fullest

my heart said ” better late than never”

the positivity brought me you into my life

even though miles apart

life gave me what I wanted

the most valued treasure in my life

the one who understands me

even with his eyes closed

even if the whole journey of my life went off the road

I met you at a cross road

where everything seemed to place right

even when we were travelling in two different directions

yet we met 

TV addictions

Truth , but a bitter one , I admit that ,to get some free time ,I put my kids right in front of the television , and let them watch some stupid cartoons. I don’t  know how else I can manage to get a few minutes out of my schedules. 

The only reason my elder one became silent was , I let her watch cartoons , than speak to her mom. I put her right in front of a computer or  TV and slid myself out of her attention to cook, clean , or talk , or whatever I wan a do. I do not want to repeat  such mistakes again with my second one.

I truly wish to advice my fellow parents , who are like me , to dedicate more time for your kids , because time once lost will never come back. The mistakes cannot  be changed , A mistake is always a mistake , unknowingly or knowingly.  I feel so guilty , for not giving much time to her , leaving her to watch some cartoons, which she loves to , still TV cannot replace a mom or a dad.

Now what I do is, I let her watch a few cartoons, which is quite informative ,and I do keep a watch that she doesn’t watch too much. I have seen  her heights of addiction   to a cartoon ” chota bheem” . Once she saw her dad , getting a rid of a dog , which had entered our compound , and to our surprise she calls out her dad and says ” dad ,take this laddooo ( pretending to throw a laddoo to her dad, like chutki gives to chota bheem  )” . She thought that  ,in such situations , having a laddooo in such situations , help gain power and we can fight.

What Can I tell her ?

We all laughed . 

Thats when I realised her heights of addiction. Better late than never, I have diverted her attention to few other things , that she enjoys.