I was glued to your life ….


As I lay there holding my babies closer to myself

giving them the warmth and petting their foreheads

love was overfilling and flowing through my veins to them

the joy was profound and unexplainable

the way they closed their eyes and slowly falling into a deep sleep

after all the tiring day they had

running around making a mess

irritating me to the core and then making me smile again

every single moment I shoot up with anger, the mom in me calms me down

reminded by the innocent smiles that flash on their face

even with tears rolling down their eyes

They cry and yet they never wanted me to cry

the smiles that lit up my life

the big eyes, that showed me a new vision to live

the ears that gave me the super power to even hear their faintest voice in the crowd

the legs that ran around with me in the whole house with the melodious sound of anklets

the tender hands, that comforted me, when I had so much to do

their naughtiness imprinted many fond memories in my heart

at times I wondered what would I be without them

what am now, is all because of them, the love and affection they bestowed in me

their eyes always conveyed me that ” they loved me”

Their hands when held told me that ” they trusted me”

They could walk right behind me, even to the darkest part of life

They gave me the strength and courage to live a life, that I thought was never mine

Their love is my strength

their love is my power

the power that I gathered to handle all the broken pieces of my heart

they glued me into the life they wanted to have with me

And I lived happily with them


I miss you


The plight of missing is the aftereffect of being in love

Wait becomes more painful

Patience becomes the virtue

The words ” I miss you” keeps murmuring in every thought until the souls meet

the dreams becomes the painful truth

the wait becomes a joy too at times

the excitement of being together for even a moment was a profound joy

the joy that had a countless pleasure

She cold drive him crazier

Her eyes spoke thousands of hidden emotions

the magic of the hugs and smiles

the aroma of his presence that could be maddening

the magnetism in the air that keep their souls attracted to each other like opposite poles

the gravitational pull, that is uncontrollable

Yet, the wait made it possible for them to live through the moments

the wait was their call to the patience

yet they could fight it with lots of love

the wait is never over…..

the more they loved, the wait increased ………..

more and more ….bonding them forever again…….

Live to the fullest

Paint with me, my life

share the joys and sorrows with me

caress me with the love and the soft touch of your warm hands

love me like never before 

Fill the life in the mesmerizing colors and take a jolly ride with me in the ups and downs of my life.

Every love is desirable in the journey of life

But a few remains in the heart forever cherished and buried under the burdens of life 

unseen to the world outside.

I wish not to share my pain, but my happiness a lot

Worry not about what the world says

listen to what your soul says

whisper in the heart wants you to enjoy the depth of life

love and love me forever 

because life is only once 

never miss a second as second chances are rarest to get.


Every soul in the universe craves for the best. The rhythm of the words that it rings in the ears of the heart, live every moment to the fullest as it cannot happen again.

A New Start And Welcome New Year


Crackers…loud cheers… laughter..and much more everywhere.

The atmosphere is filled with the joy of welcoming the New Year.

It was 12 at night, the phone was buzzing with thousands of wishes from across the world, her friends and relatives. Even if she was quite sleepy, she sat and replied everyone, as she didn’t want to be the one to disappoint anyone around and of course she wanted to share the joy of the beginning of a new year.

She was enjoying, dancing and relaxing on her couch, it was NewYear, she kept mumbling at times as if she was reminding herself, it is time for her to relax and enjoy. She had cakes, juices, yummy food everything set on her table. She had all her loved ones around her. She kept hugging them, cuddling in their arms, whispering everyone she sees “A very Happy New Year”. She was glowing, happy and satisfied. The room was filled with the joy of celebrations. She had her best friends along with her side, her kids, their kids. She was sharing the joy of welcoming the New Year, recollecting the days of the past years. She was giggling like a little girl.

Suddenly she fell off as she was walking, a sudden push she felt.

O yea! She was kicked by her little girl early morning at 5, for the need of milk. That is when she realized it was just a dream, an elaboration of what small cake cutting ceremony they had at home. Her daughter pushed her out and asked her to get her milk, even if she was sleepy and with no intention of having milk.

She never realized, she was off to sleep, her eyes dozed off, without even her permission. Her eyes were burning, she was struggling to keep her eyes open. The sleep -deprivation was clearly on her face. Yet she woke up and went off to the kitchen. No New miracles in the Kitchen, it is the same as she left the previous night.She cleaned up and started her so-called New day with boiling milk ( Shubh Arambh – meaning New Start).

Every year is always a promising one, She never had any resolutions to start off. But it was indeed a New Begining, we never know what we learn as we go by.
The joy of welcoming the NewYear was something that never clicked her at times, because on the very own first day of her New Day, she does all her jobs monotonously. Only welcoming is grand, the rest is the same.

But it was indeed a New Begining, a New Day – may be to set off something New.

~The End~

The New Chapter of my life

As usual no resolutions, it’s not because am perfect, but totally imperfect and no way that is going to change from this crazy ‘Me’. Change is gradual, I cannot force myself into it, I am what I am. For me am a happier Mom, a budding writer, a good friend, a good lover, and wife and a good daughter as well as a sister.

Being good is enough for me, I never wanted to be a better person and be eaten up with the more and more expectations laid on to me.

I would love to thank everyone who is helping me to live happily and helping me in all stages of life. Taking life seriously is not a reason to live. Share your smallest joy even with the least important people in your life. Relish the bliss of being able to be happy and express.

The past year has changed many things for me, without even being expected. And Am happy that even if am stepping up on to a New Beginning, I have all with me.

I will continue to be crazier, more irritating, more talkative, more happy, sadder this whole year again. So hope you tolerate me more and be there with me, even in the coming years.


Happy New Year to all my crazy bunch of people.

The elegance of living like a ‘Girl’


All that can be heard was the giggles of excitement everywhere in the house. The thought of excitement has almost given a rush to the hormones. The happiness is seen on her face and her cheeks blushed.

A happy moment, another milestone another memory being created.

It is always important for her to cherish everything she has in her life. Every small memory, be it anything, she just adds it to the building blocks of her castle of dreams. All her dreams, accomplishments, the satisfactions, the quiet moments, the embarrassments everything makes up what she is now.

It never mattered her, that she goes beyond her limits to help someone she loves the most. She cherishes everyone in her heart and even hides the pain. She can build a smile even when she doesn’t want to.

At times many obstacles come around, breaking her path away from being happy, still, she continues her struggle. The people around her objects her happiness, her craze, her vision, her power to express what she likes… these suppressions never made her fall.. all she did was carry herself up to the level every time.

She is judged, criticized, loved and cherished too –but these were the moments she enjoyed being ‘her’. She gradually learned that being’her’ never led her away from life, but always brought in what she wants in her life.

People leave, use, abandon, cherish and forget still She is always bright and shine. The way she smiled, brings thousands of blooming flowers alive. The most important part is she still lives ..forever and ever in the same glow.

This is what a ‘girl’ can be. She always wished to be born as a boy to enjoy the freedom of life, but when she realized what the power a ‘Girl’ has she abandoned the thought of it. A girls power to make someone happy, satisfied, feel the love and go beyond limits to be whatever others want. Only a girl can sacrifice her favorite to make others happy and be content in it.

A girls power to make someone happy, satisfied, feel the love and go beyond limits was something more powerful than any other can do. She realized the power of being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a lover, a mother and even a grandmom.

Tha charisma for being a girl is in the elegance of living a life.