I am the destination, you want at the end of your quest


As I walk down the aisle,

I want my eyes to focus on you,

as you are my world, beyond my imagination…

you give me the happiness, that I do not find anywhere else…

you polish my shortcomings and make them shine like diamonds

your thoughts, magnify my thoughts…

the way you come closer to me, the heat from you..

just melts me away like the candle in its warmth…

sometimes, all I want you to do is burn me down…

and so I just remain in with you…






back view countryside couple cropland

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Eyes met,

and they drifted away

it was just seconds away

from the touch

floating away into infinity…

taking a piece of each other in their arms

weighing it above their hearts, they moved on

everything they never said

felt in the magnificence of silence they had

some love stories, live separately…

it is True and everlasting gesture of Meet.


Nights never overwhelmed me as much, as it is now..

silhouette of person under starry night artwork

Photo by Murilo Folgosi on Pexels.com


Nights began its whisper

windchimes rhythmically

bringing in music to life

the night enchants everything around

for a moment I pause

the breeze sweeping my thoughts away

as if it is making love to me

tingling my feet, bringing a smile on me

the moon playing hide and seek with the clouds

as I hide with the curtains swinging with the breeze

the light falls on my skin

brightening every pores on mine

dawn never excited me as much

as you do, my nights…

I could be awake and feel the warmth of the night

and the coldness of the breeze that tantalizes my mind

nights never became so overwhelming to me ever…

since it reminds me of

loved ones …