I am the destination, you want at the end of your quest


As I walk down the aisle,

I want my eyes to focus on you,

as you are my world, beyond my imagination…

you give me the happiness, that I do not find anywhere else…

you polish my shortcomings and make them shine like diamonds

your thoughts, magnify my thoughts…

the way you come closer to me, the heat from you..

just melts me away like the candle in its warmth…

sometimes, all I want you to do is burn me down…

and so I just remain in with you…





Flooding your heart…

silhouette photo of man and woman kissing

Photo by Hoang Loc on Pexels.com

A page

unhidden from the world

as I reign in your eyes

flooding your heart

with affection, unconditionally

glowing your face ..

which is pounding your heart

infinitely as if you are breathless..

when my lips, comes in the vicinity to yours,

pouring in the oxygen I consume,

pecking on yours ..

exchanging the riddles

that are dissolving on my lips..

I surrendered….

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Judged by my smile

I fake on my lips

Judged by the words

I bleed on my paper

Judged by my aspirations

for being selfish

Judged by me silence

for being the weakest

I craved for a freedom

which they claim to be given

yet the keys to the door remain lost

unsettling queries of my mind

that turns chaotic with the stimulations

of the cruel…

I surrendered for none

but my own desire to be caged.

Extinct or Extent


Extensions of my due here

on earth never impressed me

all I ever wanted to be

was never to be extinct in one’s life

to be in everlasting love,

imagining to the core

engulfed by thoughts that

brings on my hormones to dance on…

an invincible life

that is grudged to the core

emotions that swirl across me

like the oceanic waves

bringing me the treasure underneath

unrevealing the secrets to me

as I remain the only one to receive it fully.