Lost in the droplets and perished

The sky was overshadowed and was an expecting a downpour any time as if the clouds were filled with water which was about to burst out. Thunder and lightning flashed in the sky.It was almost a busy day on the road. People rushing to their homes after their hectic jobs.
She was expectantly looking at the sky so that it rains.She loved rain, the smell of the rain drops hitting the soil, the tickling rain drops, that can drench her.
She had fond memories of rainfall as a child.
She remembered the time w hen she used to run out of the house whenever it rained and off to dance around in the rain. As she grew older restriction put the locks on her feets, and then she was only allowed to make paper boats and set them free on the puddles.
Her feet craved to feel the wetness of the sand, the drops that fall from the infinity as if planting a kiss on her. Whenever she extends her hand out of the balcony to catch a raindrop to feel the pressure of holding it in her small palms, she observed the drop flowing down her hands and leaving her palms. The drops were like her, never ever wanted to be caged but when caged they perished themselves into the surface as if they never existed and became one with the surface leaving a small wet mark which gradually vanishes.
As she grew older again, things changed. She remembered her first month of her college, where she used to get out of her class with her bestie finding reasons to go out in the rain to feel it. She could still recollect the feel of the rain and the aroma that was spread across the college, it was a different feel for a teenager.
The moment she was out in the rain, even if it was a downpour or drizzle, she enjoyed it. The thoughts tickled her soul, where she used to have her umbrella in her bag, yet she enjoyed the company of her friend sharing the umbrella.In those times, the restrictions never tangled her, she was a lost soul, like an untangled flock of hair flying in the sky still linked to the roots.
She giggled at the memories that rain could bring into her. She missed the freshness of the rain and the amazing walk under a single umbrella holding her friend’s hands chitchatting about anything and everything.Those were the times when she hardly thought much and enjoyed the best time of her life.
The thought of her memories brought a smile on her face, but things have changed. Now there is no freshness in her rain, it was some random falls that never evoked her fondness. Everything has changed even herself.
She stood there with a bunch of people who were also like her standing under the shady areas to escape the rain. She stood there thinking for a while about nothing yet something.
Why she is running away from the rain, she loved so much once?
As she stood lost in thoughts wondering what exactly she was lost in. A hand grabbed her, and took her out into the rain, She sat right behind on the bike, and flew like a bird in the rain speeding through the light traffic, fondled by the drops reaching her every second from the sky.
She was happier again, felt like some kind of dip in the rejuvenating pond, all soaked up and drenched.The coldness was catching up to her body and the whispering wind was tickling her, but his presence was giving her the warmth.
She felt the rush of losing all the knots in her memories and enjoyed the moment as if she was floating in the clouds.

jobsforher.com Ambassador Meet up



Awesome !!!

In one word , if I could say how the meet up was – it was just Awesome.

To meet a bunch of empowering, self-made, energetic group of ladies ,who have worked harder and achieved a great deal. As I was sitting across the room listening to the self-introduction I was amazed at the number of years they had work experience and the comparatively shorter breaks. Breaks are not accountable to what they have gained in their vast experience. The pretty faces in the whole room actually filled the room with question,discussions, emotions, joy and applause.

The event contained many women who were quite successful and a few climbing up the ladder of success. Everyone there was an achiever, learned a lot from their experience in life and work. As I listened to them as a child listening to the stories, my mind kept wondering how on earth these ladies have come so far , their stories are quite motivational.

The lessons from the session shared by the Speaker -Vani ,was quite an insight into the struggles and accomplishments .

  • I loved the way she explained that having a confusion about what next to do is similar to being alive- if you don’t have confusion -you are equal to dead.
  • The next thing that truly caught my attention was the “make-shift approach” , which actually I had done in my career path- moving from Testing to Writing .
  • The third point which was a good catch was the “career-break is not an idle time ” – yes one need to focus on more learning when they are on the break rather than cribbing.
  • Ones you are talented you are never away from a job.
  • Self-learning and exploring are the best way to keep yourself updated.
  • And lastly to quote her ” Women are wired for it, to do multitasking” .

The session was indeed an enlightenment, a sure push to anyone who wants to do more in life and return to work. The group contained many entrepreneurs , writers, mentors etc. Their experiences was an interesting way to get to know more about what exactly is going on around us.

Listening to them, we might be ashamed that ,we are crying for nothing. As they are the true warriors. Meeting was a true emphasis of “women power”. The best example to show how women are helping other women.

Another topic of the meeting was the  https://www.explorelifetraveling.com/listing/jfh , a quite interesting one for people who want to make money through renting out their space to anyone . The best part of this venture  is that you can rent out space to communities who share similar interest with you.The place was quite aptly chosen , the ambiance and the place overall happen to bring out the best of all ambassadors. Overall the meet up was like a bunch of schoolmates coming up with wonderful and bright ideas empowering each other for a spectacular future. I guess more and more meetups are organized by the same groups to bring in more energetic ladies together. Everyone in the meet up was smiling and taking pictures , to save this memorable day of reviving oneself.

Kudos to all those who are part of this. Am glad I am involved .Hope we all work together to do something to empower womanhood.

Last day of her playschool


Sitting next to my daughter who is asleep , taking a  nap after her last day at school , looking over to all the boxes which I have to fill in , before travelling , am not sure what emotions am going through.

I still remember her first day at school , even then I was crying and when she was leaving her school I was almost crying. May be am being silly as always. Is being tooo emotional a problem , I don’t know but I can’t help it.

I had a tough time , when I was packing all sweets for lovely friends in her school , as my lil one don’t know why she will be giving her friends sweets , the pain of her not realizing that she is saying ‘bye-bye’ to her friends made me cry , but that is life . I know so many good things are in store for her life waiting for her ,and these small things in life , may not matter her in the long run.

As I see her peacefully sleeping , I could memorize all her lovely days and the changes she had gone through since she joined her school.  Things change , places change , but memories live for ever . Am not sure how much she might remember about her days here, but of course she might not forget many at least till she gets another set of  friends and teachers.

A life-long blessing for kids is to fill them with warm memories and later on they become treasures in their heart to live out the tougher days in life.



I hate Goodbyes


I am not so good at goodbyes.

Some partings …are helpful. ;)…and easy to say ..because its just getting rid of people…but some good byes are painful…because we don’t want to part with our loved ones.

My lovely lil daughter , is realizing the parting dilemmas , she is in a stage now to realize what exactly  ‘good byes’ mean. I have noticed  that , whenever she is back from her school,, and bids good byes to her friends , she hated it so much. She never wanted to be away from them, but later on things changed, she realized that its not a leave taking , but a small bye for a short time and she will be meeting them again. 

Later she started to take such things lightly and enjoyed waving her hands to her friends to say good bye and meet them again later. Whenever her dad leaves for office , earlier she enjoyed to wave him bye-bye , but now , she knows that those bye-byes…. are meant for a little longer time for him to come back, ,and she will not get him to play with ,and now she likes to wait for her dad to be back home , she keeps checking the footsteps and keep asking me “who is coming” and waits for me to tell her that its her dad.

The same magic applied, ‘the wait for something ‘, when her grandparents left, we told her ,, in order for her to chat with them again, they have to go and so she consoled herself . 

Its so appreciative to see kids admire people in their life and value them.



lovely childhood


Its easy for kids to identify good friends at an early age too.

I have noticed that my lil gal  has found good friends around her in her school.

She keeps saying their names , so  I get to know whom she is very fond of.She repeats their names  earlier when I helped her to memorize her friends names , since it was difficult for her to get to know their names , since she was too small..

Now , its like , she  knows whom she likes the most and wanted to be with. It just reminded me about my childhood too. When we all were kids we must have fought for sitting with our best friend , sharing something special with our best buddy , and of course got jealous when someones takes our best friends from us. 🙂

Now when all those comes to our mind , we find ourselves to be silly and funny.Being a kid is a special freedom , we need not know anything, just play and have fun, be naughty and gets lots of scolding from parents . 🙂 Its not easy to be a grownup. 😦 and am sad am a grownup , at least I believe it . 😉

As parents , we must give our lil kids freedom  to enjoy the best way .Forcing something on to kids , leads them to be more adamant , we must teach them to be kind and in order for that , we should be kind to them, since they learn a lot from ‘us’ .

For being a good parent , we need to be their lovely lil friend .