you in my eyes


your eyes glowing

you screamed in excitement

I could feel the thrill in your hands

you held my face

looking straight into my eyes

as if you were looking for something

the way you held my face, I felt like cuddling you in my arms

your smile widened

it was infectious

letting my lips smile with yours

the happiness of finding you in my pupil

as if you were encapsulated in my eyes

oh my, little girl, you are the one living in me

you lived in me for months

before the world welcomed you

you were the one I lived with so close to

the joy of you in me was impeccable.


Silence spoke for them


Her eyes
It was magical
the brown eyes
looked at him
conveying untold emotions
creating a turmoil of feelings
the storms in their mind were never dying down
they attracted each other like magnets
the souls played hide and seek among the crowd
yet he never winked his eyes
fearing he might lose her for even a split seconds
the hearts beating louder like doldrums
the passion cannot die down
even feets away, she could feel the rhythm of the soul
their souls were synchronized
they were apart, yet they were bonded
their eyes met
and struck each other’s heart for a second
their body propelled energy like powerhouses
the heat waves were igniting their inner souls
the attraction was far beyond the gravity
she felt that he was pulled towards her
no other forces could keep them apart
they met each other like never before
the touch of his hand was not felt on her skin
but it touched her soul
she smiled as he neared her
they held hand in hand saying nothing
but the silence speaks for themselves.



All I ever wanted was freedom

the freedom of expressing my thoughts

the freedom to explore

the freedom to be on my own

the soul in me is chained

branded as good

was so harmful

when one day I decided to get naughty and mischevious

the thoughts led me to a different world

the world that let me live a secret life

the scars became the beauty spots in me

my eyes became the path to me

I felt I was inviting attention all over

even though I pretended to be happy

I portrayed a different me to others

I justified myself saying It was all I ever needed

the whole me was changed

I felt powerful and strong

the thoughts led me to live the freedom I gained

It was then I decided there was no hiding away

expressing what I ever felt turned to be my strength

Freedom added wings to my dreams

to wander off from my monotonous life to a life to fulfill my wishes.

It was fun when I realised ” If you are a bird, you need to fly away, rather than walk”.

he was the honey to the sweetness in me


All this distance was killing

All I could see was him

even if I kept my eyes open or close

all I could feel was the warmth of his breath on my neck

the ticklish touch that drives me crazy was taking my breath away

the more I longed, the more my heart yearned for his presence

everything about him was striking

all I could recollect was the way he looked at my eyes

the way he said how much my eyes melted his soul

I wondered how a gem like him was hidden away from me

he brightened my life and polished me like a diamond

with him, everything seemed to go right

he set my path and lit me in the right direction

and all I did was to love him deeply

his love was something that I missed in my life

as he held my hands close to his heart … I could feel I was alive

he kept my heart beat longer in synch with his

his one look was enough to bloom me

and all I could feel was his touch..the warmth of his body against mine

the loneliness killed our souls but it strengthened our life

to be with each other for long-term battling all the pains in life

his hands held me up

As we walked through the stormy life to our destination

the one we chose for ourselves.

I felt like being drowned


The crowd was growing thicker

but as it grew, I felt as if I was pulled away from you

the thought of being away from you was drowning me into a pool

I felt as if I was suffocating in a closed room

the more the people came in, the more we drifted away

Even with the music played on

with the loved ones near us

I felt empty

As I stood all drained up, you ran up to me

cupped my face in your warm hands

wholly taking me into you

invoking my soul from the pit I fell into

As I revived from the deep sleep with my eyes wide open

I could see, it was just you who pulled me out

I realized that I was lost and you found me from the dark pathways

The loneliness was slowly feeding on to me, as I fell into the dark pathway

I was upset with myself, for being so vulnerable

As he looked at me, with all those trust and love, all I could was give a smile

he let me wholly on him and took me to the world of our own

promising me that he would never ever go away from me.