Uncover the dreams

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Fancy me in your dreams

As I step into your world

engulfing your thoughts

as I sway my feet in your world

stroking your soft crust

ousting your clear sheath

embarking myself on you

letting you loosen my petals

uncovering the hidden world in me

letting you breathe me in

like a gulp of air

filling you in me

as I

Fil me in you.

Dreams are my life

Dreams are just dreams

At times hurting me

pain remains the same

only pain becomes real

unbearable and undeniable

I just wish to fly away

 away from the reality for a moment

to be in the moments I cherish the most

to live the life I want to be the most

I want to echo in your ears how much you mean to me 

I want to be the dream that you wish to dream about.


I lived a Lie


The world around me was just hallucination

my mind played tricks and created delusions

creating fanciful and deceptive stories in my mind

boggling me to accept the falseness of my life

I fabricated a story of my own

where I lived in the fictitious tales

Obliterating the fact that there was something real beyond my fiction

my mind drew an invisible line distinguishing the real and unreal

pulling me with a force to live the unreal

I walked out of my dreams in the night

living again the fake life 

rekindling all the dreams to come true

the whole night seemed pleasant as if  I was showered by stardust

I could feel that I lived a life out of the canvas

the life I grooved on 

danced like a swan

and kissed like the sea kissing the sand

washed away like the shells on the shore

cherished like a pearl in the shell

Even if I knew it was lie, I lived a lie

Since I believed it was the reason for my life.


Last piece of hope


I sat in dismay

wondering what made me fail

the failure hit my heart like a bomb

destroying the peacefulness in my life

everything shattered into pieces

which I tried to pick and join

yet everything mismatched

the whole things seemed misplaced

thinking deeply I found what ruined me

trust played a vital role in breaking myself

yet courage was my power to rise

I decided to hold on to the last piece of hope

that shined across, to climb up the hole

the deep hole where I fell into following the unknown

the known played with my heart

molded into something I never ever imagined

the scars became the chains to bound my heart

to never follow the unknown

I learned that life wasn’t easier

yet I created a new me to follow my passion.

the passion that led me to my success

the new life I drew for myself was my dreamland

the land that flourished my dreams.

my soul got its wings to fly into the world of me.

Debt of love


Wrinkles on her face was the

lines that came through her tough times

the weary eyes were the ones that had seen thousands of dreams become true and shattered

the strong hands that could still hold the walking stick had helped many to walk around

the silver hair is the once which came along as the wisdom grew with age

the weary legs had walked miles to fulfill many dreams

yet the eyes now has a long wait

a long pause that is undefined

the heat yearning for attentions

the hands eagerly waiting to hold a hand to walk

the lips waiting to open up and speak

the eyes are always focussed on the roads that led to the window

the old eyes sat there waiting for the sunshine to appear

the sunshine she waited for years to come ever since she came there

the love and the warmth she is longing for

the care the old ones gave when their children were young

it was the time to let them repay their debt

the debt of love

the debt that no money can repay ever

the old hands were abandoned, yet they never cursed the young ones

their blessings showered all along

yet the young ones never realized the power of their love

the lost love, that never came to existence for them.