Last day of her playschool


Sitting next to my daughter who is asleep , taking a  nap after her last day at school , looking over to all the boxes which I have to fill in , before travelling , am not sure what emotions am going through.

I still remember her first day at school , even then I was crying and when she was leaving her school I was almost crying. May be am being silly as always. Is being tooo emotional a problem , I don’t know but I can’t help it.

I had a tough time , when I was packing all sweets for lovely friends in her school , as my lil one don’t know why she will be giving her friends sweets , the pain of her not realizing that she is saying ‘bye-bye’ to her friends made me cry , but that is life . I know so many good things are in store for her life waiting for her ,and these small things in life , may not matter her in the long run.

As I see her peacefully sleeping , I could memorize all her lovely days and the changes she had gone through since she joined her school.  Things change , places change , but memories live for ever . Am not sure how much she might remember about her days here, but of course she might not forget many at least till she gets another set of  friends and teachers.

A life-long blessing for kids is to fill them with warm memories and later on they become treasures in their heart to live out the tougher days in life.



I hate Goodbyes


I am not so good at goodbyes.

Some partings …are helpful. ;)…and easy to say ..because its just getting rid of people…but some good byes are painful…because we don’t want to part with our loved ones.

My lovely lil daughter , is realizing the parting dilemmas , she is in a stage now to realize what exactly  ‘good byes’ mean. I have noticed  that , whenever she is back from her school,, and bids good byes to her friends , she hated it so much. She never wanted to be away from them, but later on things changed, she realized that its not a leave taking , but a small bye for a short time and she will be meeting them again. 

Later she started to take such things lightly and enjoyed waving her hands to her friends to say good bye and meet them again later. Whenever her dad leaves for office , earlier she enjoyed to wave him bye-bye , but now , she knows that those bye-byes…. are meant for a little longer time for him to come back, ,and she will not get him to play with ,and now she likes to wait for her dad to be back home , she keeps checking the footsteps and keep asking me “who is coming” and waits for me to tell her that its her dad.

The same magic applied, ‘the wait for something ‘, when her grandparents left, we told her ,, in order for her to chat with them again, they have to go and so she consoled herself . 

Its so appreciative to see kids admire people in their life and value them.



Changing tantrums !!!


Everyday its a new one. 

The only  similarity is the crying part, its like my lil one feels , if I don’t cry am not going to get it.I guess its all the same with kids.The are learning quite a good deal from everything around them.

When they are born , they are born crying , when they could not speak, they cry for milk and then they get it. It all starts with that I guess. Am pretty sure , when we were kids too , we must have implied this methodology to get things done. 🙂

And when we are grownups , its like sometimes it becomes a necessity , to cry to melt other hearts. Ladies are born to cry , it seems. We cry when we are happy, sad, angry , and whatever feelings come in , tears drops out, Strange !!!

I tell my lil one ,some times being a cry baby never gets you anything  other than being a laughing stock for others. 🙂  I hope she is smart enough to know what I meant , but quite sure that ,she is smart enough to know when to cry too. 🙂

Kids are all the same  and women too.  

The way to stop their tantrums is to neglect them , or deviate them, where in am quite successful sometimes and sometimes an utter failure. I know everyday  you can’t be a winner , sometimes,  you need to fail to learn the joy of winning. 😉

Hopefully I get over all these tantrums soon… with any ideas given by my mom and other mom’s works out well.


Doctor Visit



Doctor is someone I hate to visit, if ever am sick , I better not mention it to anyone , its all because am scared of injections . Funny thing I have so many friends  who took medicine as their career. 🙂

This is not about me am about to write , its my sweet lil daughter and her doctors. Back in India , when ever we take her to the doctor , it was just only when we required vaccination for her and yes of course when she was very sick.

After coming to Basel, these episodes again repeated , visiting doctor for vaccination. After a year or so , she started to recognize the road to the clinic and even the place, and she starts all her drama then ,crying and shouting . But we had no other go than taking her to the doctor.

After a few times like that , she stopped crying ,she was playful in the clinic, started to speak to the people around there, but everything just vanishes when the doctor appears. Even though she cries , the doctor proceeds with his work, no doubt that he has been used to this kind of scenarios .

Once she was in a playful mood , even talking to the doctor ,and almost feeling sleepy a bit, and when the doctor gave her injection, she was not crying we were surprised . Its usual that , I start to feel like crying before her, when I see the injection. 

I think mothers are slightly insane in all these matters, but truly that makes them a ” MOTHER” .