Depetaling me like 

deflowering the freshly

blossomed ones…

explore me into the mysterious levels…

where even the breeze never toured

I am like the frost in the winter garden

warm me up ..

all I do is to mirror

the repercussions you create in me..

to awaken the true self

and to receive you

like a boomerang …



Chronicles of a Just born 34

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Stepping into 30 was scary for me, as everybody gave a big hype about it in the earlier times. I still don’t feel like I am growing older, as I am still the same in the depth of my heart – Noisy, Lost and Childish.

It thought with age… I would grow better .. it is more intimidating for the rest, that I am not changing I believe. Hope They get used to that sooner.

The sooner the better.

Unlike others, I am never overwhelmed getting older, but all the more excited. For me, every day is a bonus – to achieve something I always dreamt of.

I try my best to get equipped with the ‘AGE’ thing, but as soon as the bday is over, I am back to my own realms of thought which nevertheless did grow.

Yet I am running in my 30s..

with all the confusions that likely I must solve on my own. Life is getting on another ride, with an unpredictable tomorrow or even just the next moments.. Still, I am gonna take it up. (anyways no other choice) .

As always:

NO Goals !!

No Pre-occupied thoughts !!

No specific resolutions !!

All I am going to dos i “Just Breathe”, I guess its enough for me to survive my journey. I will just fold my legs and sit and witness my angels grow up and start dealing with what all I just did and going to deal with in the future – may be a different way.

Am all set for my journey towards 40 😛

—–Chronicles of a just born 34



The beach side


Her dreams were vague and discreet.

She didn’t realize she was dreaming, as she could feel the freshness of the salty winds and the breeze touching and flaunting her hair.The feel was so fresh, that she felt like running deep into the sea to soak herself in the mesmerizing water.

But something held her back.

She sat there watching the waves touching the white sand washing away all the dirt as it goes back into the sea. It was like love overflowing. The wetness remains even when the sea goes off, and the sand lay still eagerly waiting for the touch of the salty water.

As she kept gazing at those waves, dancing in front of her, she smiled and looked at the horizon. She wished to be there, at the end of the world, if it existed. She wanted to be the migratory birds, flying away every season, in search of a new home. She wanted to be a rolling stone, that gathers no moss but carries everything in the heart. She felt the need to be a sea, where the water is not tangled, but sweeps all the dirt and sorrows away from one’s mind.

The feeling was so strange, she craved to be everything else where she cannot have anyone with her.The need for freedom to be on her own was at the most.Yes, but she was shackled by the chains of love and the care she received in her world, which is surely different from her Utopian kingdom.

She decided, that dreams are meant to be realistic, live the life as she wanted, but in real not in the dream. She embraced the truth and let go what she had in her mind. She walked closely to the beach side, the wind and the waves were whispering to her, inviting her to join the dream world, but she knew what she needs to choose.

As she stood there, the waves came and swallowed her, for a moment everyone thought she was gone. But the waves took only her wings and dreams giving her a new life to live, the real one which was sure to give her unending happiness.

The waves returned to the sea the same way, carrying all she had, but there she was all smiling because for a moment she lived the life underwater and now she can live happily, and not like a fish out of the water.

She ran back to her loved ones, hugged and kissed them and decided not to let go of them. She looked back and missed her dreamy side, but she was happy and content. Dreams are never shackled, she could still dream. As she lay closing her eyes, the dreams returned to her, giving her beautiful dream as a gift.

Dreams never let go .

The elegance of living like a ‘Girl’


All that can be heard was the giggles of excitement everywhere in the house. The thought of excitement has almost given a rush to the hormones. The happiness is seen on her face and her cheeks blushed.

A happy moment, another milestone another memory being created.

It is always important for her to cherish everything she has in her life. Every small memory, be it anything, she just adds it to the building blocks of her castle of dreams. All her dreams, accomplishments, the satisfactions, the quiet moments, the embarrassments everything makes up what she is now.

It never mattered her, that she goes beyond her limits to help someone she loves the most. She cherishes everyone in her heart and even hides the pain. She can build a smile even when she doesn’t want to.

At times many obstacles come around, breaking her path away from being happy, still, she continues her struggle. The people around her objects her happiness, her craze, her vision, her power to express what she likes… these suppressions never made her fall.. all she did was carry herself up to the level every time.

She is judged, criticized, loved and cherished too –but these were the moments she enjoyed being ‘her’. She gradually learned that being’her’ never led her away from life, but always brought in what she wants in her life.

People leave, use, abandon, cherish and forget still She is always bright and shine. The way she smiled, brings thousands of blooming flowers alive. The most important part is she still lives ..forever and ever in the same glow.

This is what a ‘girl’ can be. She always wished to be born as a boy to enjoy the freedom of life, but when she realized what the power a ‘Girl’ has she abandoned the thought of it. A girls power to make someone happy, satisfied, feel the love and go beyond limits to be whatever others want. Only a girl can sacrifice her favorite to make others happy and be content in it.

A girls power to make someone happy, satisfied, feel the love and go beyond limits was something more powerful than any other can do. She realized the power of being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a lover, a mother and even a grandmom.

Tha charisma for being a girl is in the elegance of living a life.

“Makeshift” your aspirations

I remember the time when I started my career in Testing , everything was good and fine. I felt I enjoyed it too and of course learning a lot was an integral part of it, but again I felt I was lacking something. Again another year went by, I had more responsibilities on my personal front as well as official. Yet ! the void in work continued. The joy was dead on the job other than few good friends nothing just motivated me to go to work.

Finally, I did leave and was lost in Parenthood. A new way of life changed all the perspective. The thought of leaving for a job ,without seeing my kid for hours was indeed painful so, instead of taking up the pain, I just thought stopped the thought of getting back to work.

A new world of writing came lingering into my thoughts then. I tried blogging but was not a professional yet. Yet there was fun, relaxation, happiness and more over a satisfaction that ran across me.

Again with the second one, parenting was more fun, an extreme weary task , yet their smiles just brought smiles on my face. So it was for sure that I never wanted to leave them and go away anywhere at any point. It was my true selfishness to be their mom and be with them that kept me away from anything I did.

Finally with the random motivational hint that came from the thought of making a career was bothering me and almost made survival a question , to my luck instead of asking I was given a job.


I was sure – that was the turning point in my whole set of thought. I never knew I would be so happy to work in this way in the comfort of my home, watching my kids grow up right in front my eyes( Indeed need more eyes, to focus on work as well as kids).

And I was happy to make a change to my life goals. I am proud of what I did because I realized “I AM HAPPY , And CONTENT” . So finally all the troubles and weary thoughts were never gone wasted.
Everyone’s life has a path, and whatever happens, you end up doing what you are supposed to do in life. No matter what happens.