I was a half filled glass


I was like a half filled glass

I enjoyed the bliss of life like a half moon

the half filled me wondered why I was not filled

wandering with my confused mind

my tethering thoughts never answered me

my heart echoed to me

yet I neglected the fact that I can be filled

until you arrived in my life

revealing to me feel the fullness of life

you emptied the void

filling me with the whole you

I was finally filled with you

We mixed like colors in the water

you filled me in colors

slowly like a painted brush inserted into a glass of water

the colors in you spread into me like building roots

stretching across me all over and becoming me.



You were my hidden treasure


I wonder where you were hidden

I searched you everywhere on the piece of earth

yet, you were hidden

I wondered why treasures are always hidden

I knew one day you would be beside me

I waited until you arrived in my life

the touch of your soul on mine

awakened my dead soul

everything felt alive and happy

I discovered you finally 

even if you were among the thorns

I took the pain to take you out 

As you took my hands 

it was like you took me to your arms

we walked together even if the thorns were hurting

the destiny tied us together

I knew none could separate us

as we were destined to meet

we loved each other in thousands of ways

satisfying each other’s needs 

melting my heart

living a life among the thorns, yet happier. 


I want to be…


I want to be the dream ‚Äč
you want to watch over and over again
I want to be the book
that you want to read again
I want to be the bed
where you want to snuggle lazily
I want to be the night
which gives you the peaceful delight
I want to be the wind
that tickle your souls
I want to be the arms
to hold you like never before
I want to be the smile
that injects a smile on your lips
I want to be the lust
you crave for….
I want to be the one
you know so deeply that
even with all the flaws
I would be accepted as yours forever.
I want to be the reason
that you hate being lonely
I want to be the reason
you ever smile
I want to be the reason
for you love to trust life.