All I ever wanted was freedom

the freedom of expressing my thoughts

the freedom to explore

the freedom to be on my own

the soul in me is chained

branded as good

was so harmful

when one day I decided to get naughty and mischevious

the thoughts led me to a different world

the world that let me live a secret life

the scars became the beauty spots in me

my eyes became the path to me

I felt I was inviting attention all over

even though I pretended to be happy

I portrayed a different me to others

I justified myself saying It was all I ever needed

the whole me was changed

I felt powerful and strong

the thoughts led me to live the freedom I gained

It was then I decided there was no hiding away

expressing what I ever felt turned to be my strength

Freedom added wings to my dreams

to wander off from my monotonous life to a life to fulfill my wishes.

It was fun when I realised ” If you are a bird, you need to fly away, rather than walk”.



Every morning I wake up to a new ‘hope’

Hope to do more

To be with someone I love the most

To be touched by love

to be wanted more

to care and to care for

to be hugged the tightest way that love is expressed

to be kissed with a passion of love

to live with all happiness

to make someone happy 

to be a miracle for someone

to be different 

Everyone lives with a hope, the hope gives the strength and courage.

It is like a light on the horizon for someone seeking a way out of darkness. Hope helps someone to survive.

I want to live like the ‘last leaf’, be someone’s light and lead them in their path.

I want to be like the wind that gives them a push in their life to lead.

I want to be like the thirst that they long for. 

Hope to be the candle in the darkness where I can give them the light when they need and melt away.

I wish I could be the one who comes to their mind when they need someone to love. 

I want to fly like a bird but caged to value the freedom of flying.

I want to the last nibble that someone craves for. 

I just want to be a friend whom you asked for.

I just want to be ‘myself’, just before I perish myself.

Nightfall- the blissful nature


The whole sky was lit bright stars and in those dark roads down to home, the stars lit their path. The shiniest one seems to look at her and twinkle, every time her shining starry eyes looked at it. The stars and the path were filled with memories and were overwritten by the new memories. 

The journey was endless, she just wished that time stopped there, amidst the calm and pristine valleys and mountains. She felt like soaking herself in the fresh air and the cool mist. She wanted to float like a feather in the dense air, feel like being in nature. She felt the coldness, the cool breeze that was kissing her face, her neck and everywhere. Nature was fondling her, she felt like she is in her mother’s lap. 

The thickets of green trees and bushes, that was bordering her pathway, was like bouquets of freshness and the essence was booming all around her. The joy of being in the lap of nature, made her feel alive again. The cool gush of air, she felt like liberating from her body and fly like a bird all around. 

The view from the top was so immense, that she could just perish into the thin air and feel the love of nature. She wanted to cherish every moment under the starry lit sky and live like a child born to nature. 

The urge to jump from the top and fly like a bird was intense, but her dreams knew she was not a bird to fly around, but to caged in this human form.  The nightfall made the place spectacular, that her eyes could never stop watching the beauty overflowing. The starts guided her all along and the breeze sang melodies in her ears. 

All she could feel was the love and fresh breath of the universe around her. The endless love that she keeps hidden in her soul. 

She realized how much she has been away from this impeccable beauty and wished to plunge into this warmth of the universe and forget herself forever.