One Fine Day is All You Need

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If you ask me what brings me joy, there are a lot many. Again if I have to choose, it is indeed hard for me, because my joy seems to link to the mental state i am going through and what makes me happy then. It might not give me the same joy on another occasion.
Ok. So if i have to choose, i love a movie, and with my busy day today, i feel like watching it again and again. It is called “One Fine Day”.

I do not know if some can relate to the poster here.

Movie : One Fine Day (1996) Staring : George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer

The movie revolves around a single mom and single dad and their kids. And their lives intersect on a hectic day, wherein they come together to help each other in some way or the other. I kind of…

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I found my way out

I screamed.
My way out.
Escaping from the walls of expectations.
The walls that troubled my breathing.
The walls that infringed my thoughts.
I never saw the light…
Until i desired fine.
My screams went unheard.
I yelled at my soul.
Forbearing the pain.
Why should i?
I questioned it.
But there was no answer.
But fingers pointing to me.
Led me to think that…
I was the reason, i suffered.
When i realized.
Only i can help myself.
I geared up.
Empowered me.
Befriended darkness…
And then i walked out.
Through the thorns.
And found my way out.

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Undoubtedly Mine

The way,
You hold me tight.
I leave my space.
Alighting from my path.
Into yours swiftly.
As slowly, you align.
With my soul.
Embracing me.
Like never before.
The world seems smaller to contain me.
But with you.
I fit in perfectly.
Like you are made for me…
Just for me.
Even when the world denies it.
You are mine…

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I am your antidote

I wanna lay beside you
Looking into your eyes.
Fondling your cheeks…
Brushing your beard.
Kissing you when I am in a gush of emotions.
Bite you, as I feel like..
Be your drug..
An antidote to your pain..
A pill you wanna pop in..
To give you that extra highness..
I wanna be everything you ever want..
But right in your arms..
A breath away..
Is my place.

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Nearer even when far

Like a breath away,
You linger near me.
The moment i shut my eyes.
I feel your breath on mine
It is like we are closer, even when apart.
I could feel your skin,
Brushing mine…
Igniting a thousand hidden emotions.
And putting my butterflies in motion…
You are like that magic
Blooming my hidden passion…
Kissing away every pain in motion…
As you skim through the pages of my emotion.
Reverberating my heartbeat.
Like a drum syncing with every bee.
I skip with every kiss you plant on my petals.
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