My safe heaven

Safe heaven,
That is what you are for me.
At the same time,
My excitement factor.
You enthrall me.
In every touch and caress.
Like you melt me in every way.
Even in the way you look at me…
I love the warmth you shed upon me.
Engulfing my emotions and setting them to sail along with yours.
We dance making love…
Like swirling along with the harmony of the wind.
And our bodies, functioning each other. Igniting the passion that’s arousing.
On my lips.
Pouring from my eyes.
Which you savour from my lips.
We dance magnets.
In a Never ending rhythm…
Until we fell asleep.
In each other’s arms.
Only to wake up in each other’s arms..forever.

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You are my happy place

You and I are weaving memories..
Memories for a lifetime.
Life with you beside me…
Is the best..
Nights beside you..
As you caress and play with my hair.
And tell me thousands of stories of your childhood.
I wanna watch and listen to you all night…
About anything and everything you love to tell me..
Once you are tired, …all I want is to..
Put your head on my lap..
And play with my fingers in your hair…
Putting you to sleep…
I can do this every night…with you beside me..
You are my lifeline.
You are my soul..
The happy place.
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Take my breath away

Listening to your heartbeat
Laying close to you.
With your hairy chest,
Tickling my bare skin.
With your whispers in my ear.
Your breath warming my skin.
I just cherish every moment i am with you.
Spooning by your side.
Relishing the taste of your lips…
As your lips, caress my skin.
I can see the love in your eyes.
As your soul sinks into mine.
I take you into my treasures.
That is meant only for you.
My heart and my soul.
You are mine.
And i am yours forever my love.

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Be Thankful

What are We Thankful for?

Every day is not the same right. We all are in a survival race always forgetting to take moments to thank for what we already have. It is not easy always to do that, as we all know only work with the clock or run behind the clock or run for the clock.

Taking a moment to thank is necessary as it makes us think about what we already have in us and with us. It really changes everything and anything we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

Be thankful for little things.

I am thankful for the opportunities I was granted.

I am thankful for the opportunities I missed.

I am thankful for the negative responses I received always, as they let me focus on what’s more important.

I am thankful for the moments I lost my grip and fell down, as it showed me what pain can make you…

Everything happens for some reason, it can be varied.

Be thankful always.

Happy Thanksgiving !!

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Stop judging me just because you are scared

Why judge me, just because my writing is different?
Why judge me just because my imagination is wild..?
Why judge me just because i love myself?
Why judge me just because i love my job?
Why judge me just because i love erotica?
Why judge me just because i love being open?
Why judge me just because i have daughters to take care of?
Why judge me just because i listen to my heart?
Why judge me just because i am of my free will?
Why judge me just because i am a woman writer?
Why judge me just because i am a romance writer?

Thoughts clouded my mind.
Being a woman made me a sinner.
This is what people assume about me.
I do not write to gain followers..or any kind of interest from people…
I write because i love to write.
My poems are not me.
It is the world around me,…
But again, words are judged.
My poetry is wings to my thoughts.
It let my notions fly high.
It lets me portray a world so liberal.
It sets on freedom, then on being caged.
My freedom ignites the fear in you.
You..who hates freedom and love to be confiscated in their thoughts and limitations.
I am not your threat.
You are your threat.
Your mind is mystified.
Do not let me breathe fire…
That i contain inside me.
Stop judging me,
Just because you are fearful.


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