The Storm within me

I just shut my eyes,
as the pain culminated in me,
all I could see,
are your eyes filled with tears,
and all i could feel is the tight embrace,
rightly holding me tighter,
and your ears close to my heart,
our tears amalgamated, forming a river of emotions.
I was scared to open up my eyes,
as i never wanna be left alone in the crowd,
i restrained our love, in those eyes that remained shut.
As composed I looked,
The Soul within was vanquished by the storm.

The other side of me

I confess my other side.
To an unknown.
Someone who may not understand me.
Neither manipulate me.
They just listen to me.
Like i existed for that moment.
Confiding my fear.
Confusing my inner strength.
I let my thoughts flow.
Just a side of me.
That wanna be heard.
That never wants to be dissolved in fear.
But i lay still.
Holding my other side hidden.
The chaos in me…
Never rule me.
And i reign over the dead me.
Like a tornado.
Vanquishing all the peace in me.
#thechaoticpoetess #chaos #lostsoul #soul #me

Endless emotions

Sometimes we just remain silent.
Words never swiftly come by.
But emotions flowed through the heart.
Depreciating the words.
Stimulating the silence.
Your eyes speak a thousand words.
And your arms, express the unending emotion you hold upon me.
I feel like i am buoyant.
Flying up in your impeccable love.
As you caress your fingers on my skin.
All i feel is the eroding inhibitions.
Which held me low.
And hence arousing all my secretive emotions.
The secrets, which i wanna confide in you.
And pave our way for the ultimate pleasure.
#sreepriyawrites #poetryfrommymind #lovepoems #eroticpoems #youandme

Curl me into your arms

Placing my head.
Right on your arms extended.
Slowly as you curl me onto your chest.
Like a flower blooming.
My lips buds.
Allowing you to take them.
To bloom fully.
As music ascends.
Our passion soars to the abode of culmination.
You caress my petals.
Like the dew on it.
Rekindling every emotion.
That you bring in.
Every time we collide.
The emotions are boundless.
And i cherish it.
Like a rainbow in the sky.
Until the next time.
You rain upon me.
#sreepriyawrites #poemsonlove #loveiaintheair #foryou #loveyouforever #youaremylife

Icing on top…

Sprinkling the sugary layer.
Atop the green grass.
Layering and layering up and. Above.
Slowly freezing the layers of sand.
To be still.
For months to come…
Until the sun blazes its shine upon it.
The layers laid..cold and untouched…
By anything that hovered upon it.
Until the sun shone brightly looking like crystals, that shone.
To be adorned in a necklace that adores a fabulous neck.
It was just nothing but drops of nature.
When touched by hand.
It melted away,
Right in my palms.
Like it was waiting to rain upon me.
To drench my skin.
To water my soul.
I waited there.
To be awakened.
Underneath the layers of snow.
Awaiting for the sun to show me my path.
#thechaoticpoetess #sreepriyawrites #snowfall #canada🇨🇦 #lifeincanada #poetry #poemsofmysoul