Lay on my lap

Lay on my lap..
Let me whisper to you.

How my day was.
How your absence kills me.
How much I longed for you.
Let me listen to you.
How much you wanted me.
How much you want me to hug you.
Let me encapsulate my heaven.
In My Arms.
I wanna brush my fingers.
In your hair.
And pull your beard.
As you tease me.
Lock my fingers in yours.
And let you hold it right.
As you pull me closer and closer.
I can love you like this forever.
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I can flow alongside willingly

You are the rain.
I can drench in every moment.
As you soak me,
My dormant volcanos erupt.
A piece of me.
Willingly flow alongside you.
As if it knows
The meaning of every word you left unsaid.
A piece of me,
Travels beyond seas and lands.
Just to be alongside you.
Every unpartitioned moment with you,
This what i crave.
I begin with you.
And i end in you.
The way your eyes embark upon mine.
It’s like the fire in me, finds the right wind to play with.
You are inscribed in me.
And i need you.
Maybe like a stubborn child.
I wanna be an intricate design.
In your soul.
As only you can, take care of me…
Like the unfallen tears, from your eyes.
I will remain in your eyes.
Like an ocean …
Filling in your depths.
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When you…

When you stumble on the right one.
Every madness hets its meaning.
Every smile begins with a peck. Every emotion gets its full illness.
Every grey hair seems a perfect fit.
Every scar is an embellishment.
Every pain is out of pleasure.
Every journey is worth taking.
Every mistake becomes learning to correct.
Every kiss is bliss.

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Until the last drop of you and me

My dreams,
Take me to you.
I am loving the world
I built when I shut my eyes.
Where you are with me.
I want you to tumble down me.
Like the water falling down the rocky ravines.
And slowly rising above the wide plains.
I wanna see you again and again. With every drop of emotion in your eyes.
I wanna lay beside you.
Under the sky…
With the waves caressing our skins…
Holding your hands.
Wanna travel into infinity.
Where coasts meet the sky.
And rainbows lit up the sky.
Even the distance,
Keeps our love growing.
Like the wine.
Until we savor each other.
Until the last drop.

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What you not what she is…

She is a woman.
Designed to be the symbol of sacrifice, elegance, and blah blah blah.
She wishes to cut her hair..or grow her hair…because it is not what defines her.
She wishes to marry or not marry…because that is not what defines her.
She never following your rules she is a spoiled brat… especially the one never to be followed.
But yea, you come to her when you are troubled.
She is angry and doesn’t want to cook..but yea she has a load of expectations hanging right on her back…
It weighs too much.
She is angry or sad..she wants to quit everything she does and walk away. then i become selfish…
She enjoys silence….then you say..she is hiding something.
She enjoys poetry..or romance… Then you define….she is truly a bitch…she needs sex all the time or she is craving.
Without even realizing she is a human being.
She is bound to wake up and feed all at home..even before she tells a bit..else she is entitled as selfish.
So..when do you think she gets her break.
Is it when she is old enough to be on the death bed.
Her struggles go unseen.
Because she is weaker.
She has no voice.
But stay sane.
As if everything is what she loves…
The moment she is out of your control.
You treat her like a wild dog. Needs to be tamed.
But you forget.
She is a tigress.
Who can be the best when untamed

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