The other side of me

The other side of me…
Craves the most.
For attention.
Which the other side denies.
I look into the valleys of love.
In search of that equilibrium.
That i can attain.
With a pure soul.
I am in search of together i wanna bring in a bliss
That enlightens my dark soul.
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Waiting ,until…it stops

No matter what I want to write,
the words are betraying me,
it tosses my mind,
into the agony,
which I wanna escape for a moment.
to hide the pain from the world,
as the pain, i suffer,
derails my life which is just a conspiracy
a pain I hide from the world,
who never knew me…
and took me for granted.
At this juncture,
I realised, that,
My heart aches too much,
that it might erupt my eyes…
and one day, I might explode,
like never before,
to be extinguished only by you.
Awaiting that moment,
I just wandered away,
like the stars awaiting,
for the weaning moon to appear in the sky,
to complete its existence.

Beads of my Chaos

It was hard indeed, a change, a relocation quite unexpected in my life. Even though I am quite open to challenges that appear in my life, this time it shattered me. I was quite unsure when this came up, it did break open certain wounds that I never expected will ever appear in my life.
I was quite settled down in my space, it was like my safe house, but then again like tumbled down, I am pushed away from my comfort zone. The pain was quite shattering. It did misplace my mind. Even then not completely agreeing to the changes, I accepted it, because that was my nature. All i ever knew, from the very beginning of my life, is to get adapted.
I was so comfy with friends around, and a life that I always wanted with my beloved ones, but again I had to move on. My destiny seemed to have shifted from where I was. But my soul was contained there where I belonged.
I wondered why it always happens to me, the moment I feel like there is no more shifting and finally, I am settled, I am thrown quite far away from where I belong. And just leaving me scarred for a long time. Gradually the pain either takes me over or I conquer the pain and live with it forever.
I feel like I am just a robot in motion,
trying to figure out my notions,
but just flowing along with the tide…
the windows seem so different,
even when the sun shines the same…
the doors opened up to a world,
unknown to me.
The journey seems normal,
bu the path never collided with the one I wished for,
like the dandelion fragmented into the air,
pieces of me, scattered away in the breeze.

Unsure is my notions,
Unsure is my words which flow,
is it because I am cold,
Or is it because my heart is frozen.
I wondered as I wandered,
again in search of the same comfort,
I lost on my journey.

Yet again, all I knew is,
I will return to where i belong.
The place where i was nurtured and cared.
The arms where I belong,
but the wait is hard and grievous,
which indeed is breaking my patience
and my yearning for living.

Devoid of all feelings,
I live the present,
to conquer my future,
which I await the most.

Wounded was she

Happiness was just a promise.
Which was never bestowed to her.
She wounded herself,
By walking into life,
She never wished to lead.
Her dreams shattered, in time.
Her peace turned into chaos.
Her anguish went unnoticed.
Nothing remained the same.
Even she changed.
Into someone,
Even her reflection distanced with.
Her image reflected stubbornness…
But there she was harrowing with pain within.
Her scars remained.
Untouched and unwavering.
Like her soul…
She lost herself,
To bring in happiness for the other.
Who loved her for not what she was.
But what they wanted her to be.
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Endless emotions

Sometimes we just remain silent.
Words never swiftly come by.
But emotions flowed through the heart.
Depreciating the words.
Stimulating the silence.
Your eyes speak a thousand words.
And your arms, express the unending emotion you hold upon me.
I feel like i am buoyant.
Flying up in your impeccable love.
As you caress your fingers on my skin.
All i feel is the eroding inhibitions.
Which held me low.
And hence arousing all my secretive emotions.
The secrets, which i wanna confide in you.
And pave our way for the ultimate pleasure.
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