Escape into your eyes…

I wanna cup your face,
And look into the eyes.
To be lost in it.
I wanna play with your fingers,
As it craves to run through mine…
I wanna be lost in those eyes.
Which gaze me, like being the uncountable stars in the night sky.
Behold those moments where I am in your arms.
Where nothing comes between us.
It’s like you are imprinted on me. Skimming through my luscious hair…
Amalgamating your fragrance upon my skin.
Eroding my thoughts and inhibitions.
Taking me as yours forever.
Planting honey bites,
In every inch of my skin…
With every peck as you gaze into my eyes…
I wanna drown you into my eyes.
Taking you deep into me.
Trust me,
All I need is you in the whole world.
Nothing ever enticed me,
As you do.
You tickle my bones,
Heightening my desires.
Until you take me to the abode of pleasure.
Wherein I sink deeper.
Until you hold me.
Like you never wanna lose me.
You take care of me.
As I am your eyes.
That contains dreams.

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Living A lie

Hiding away was the only tactic, that let me survive for long.
Every time, i see trouble i chicken out.
Knowing i could face it.
Every time i wrapped my soul,
And ran off.
Until once, i was unable to.
All i need to do was,
Face it.
Take up the pain, shame, and disdain.
Eventually, i thought I lost everything..
But the despise caused me to trade my promises to myself..
I dumped myself and became someone unknown to me…
To gain a fake name…
I became someone… Who was unfamiliar to my soul..
A skin I wished to tear off…
Again, I cocooned my true self for the world I cared for..
Or for the world, I wised loved the true me for once..
Time passed…
Flowers bloomed..
Leaves fell off..
Clouds came by and went..
And once like a lightning strike..
There I shed my cocoon,
The wind knocked me off..
And there I arouse, from the strict curfew I imposed on my true self..
And poetry began to flow…
I revived the ME hidden in Me.


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My unhooked soul within you

When you hold me alongside.
Like you never gonna be away from me.
Your eyes,  pinning me to your soul.
Your lips, craving for mine.
All i can feel is your breath,
Falling on my skin…
Brushing my tiny hairs.
Blowing the heat within me.
I cup your face,
Slowly bringing it close to my chest…
Wanna hug you tighter.
And amalgamate, you into me.
Deeper as you delve into me.
I hug u carefully.
Like you are just a piece of me.
The warmth inside me.
Crawls along with yours.
Like you unlocked my home,
And broke open the windows…
To let the sunlight enter the emptiness…
Unhooked was my soul…
In your arms…
As it enjoys its journey within you…
You become my home.

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Lay on my lap

Lay on my lap..
Let me whisper to you.

How my day was.
How your absence kills me.
How much I longed for you.
Let me listen to you.
How much you wanted me.
How much you want me to hug you.
Let me encapsulate my heaven.
In My Arms.
I wanna brush my fingers.
In your hair.
And pull your beard.
As you tease me.
Lock my fingers in yours.
And let you hold it right.
As you pull me closer and closer.
I can love you like this forever.
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I can flow alongside willingly

You are the rain.
I can drench in every moment.
As you soak me,
My dormant volcanos erupt.
A piece of me.
Willingly flow alongside you.
As if it knows
The meaning of every word you left unsaid.
A piece of me,
Travels beyond seas and lands.
Just to be alongside you.
Every unpartitioned moment with you,
This what i crave.
I begin with you.
And i end in you.
The way your eyes embark upon mine.
It’s like the fire in me, finds the right wind to play with.
You are inscribed in me.
And i need you.
Maybe like a stubborn child.
I wanna be an intricate design.
In your soul.
As only you can, take care of me…
Like the unfallen tears, from your eyes.
I will remain in your eyes.
Like an ocean …
Filling in your depths.
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