You are my happy place

You and I are weaving memories..
Memories for a lifetime.
Life with you beside me…
Is the best..
Nights beside you..
As you caress and play with my hair.
And tell me thousands of stories of your childhood.
I wanna watch and listen to you all night…
About anything and everything you love to tell me..
Once you are tired, …all I want is to..
Put your head on my lap..
And play with my fingers in your hair…
Putting you to sleep…
I can do this every night…with you beside me..
You are my lifeline.
You are my soul..
The happy place.
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Finding her, after She lost her

Most women on getting married lose a piece of her and gradually with days counting she loses herself and becomes a manual guide which contains only data fed by the family into which she has moved into. 
And the guide contains the facts like.

Forget your family…this is your new home.
Forget what you studied, learn to do things in a new way.
Forget what you have been earlier …that doesn’t matter to us.
You wanna go to your home, oh that’s impossible…
You wanna go to your home, you need your husband’s family’s permission.
Always prioritize your husband’s family and not yours.
You are a guest at both your parent’s home and your husband’s home.
You have to ask your husband, even before you step out.
You stay home and take care of your husband’s family.
You can go to work, but I won’t be helping you with any things. Your job depends on how you manage.

Crap and nonsense fed to the minds like these ruin society.  Where is a healthy relationship here? One has to sacrifice so much for just another person.

Women, if you want to find yourself, be bold, strong and independent. Strangely saving her is the toughest task she has to go through. Be who you are no matter none supports you. This is why a woman has to be independent and strong.
It is hard, but not impossible.

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Take my breath away

Listening to your heartbeat
Laying close to you.
With your hairy chest,
Tickling my bare skin.
With your whispers in my ear.
Your breath warming my skin.
I just cherish every moment i am with you.
Spooning by your side.
Relishing the taste of your lips…
As your lips, caress my skin.
I can see the love in your eyes.
As your soul sinks into mine.
I take you into my treasures.
That is meant only for you.
My heart and my soul.
You are mine.
And i am yours forever my love.

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World Mental Health Day: Helping hand

We all have problems
Health problems, relationship problems, void problems.. sexual health problems, mental health problems, and much more. Out of these, we tend to work on a few of them and even seek help from a doctor. For the mental health problem, we don’t even reckon we need help or assistance. It is said that the higher intelligence or education precisely…not intelligence i suppose…we received..we think that mental health problems are for the lesser educated ones. We ignore the minute issues we face in our lives and tend to bottle up everything. We don’t want to even acknowledge it, that it exists. Like sexual problems…mental problems are also hidden..from the outer world. We conceal it because we are embarrassed to talk about it. It takes a great deal to come out of our cocoon and express our true emotions because we are never accepted for what we are. We tell a child to shush..when they cry…ask them to be quiet all the time… Shut them up when they are angry…This is how we are taught from the first. Shut your emotions..but now it’s time to nurture a new generation…. allow them to speak up and be who they are. Let our generation know the value of opening up their true feelings.
Nurture a new you.

If you feel like sharing…here i am right for you…to listen to you without judgments.

Dm me. if you need.

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Love Endless

You and I met at a stage so vulnerable.
But we met as we were meant to be together.
Your soul struck mine like a lightning bolt ⚡.
Where i felt all of me alive once again.
We traversed a lot.
Sailing through thick and thin.
Unknowing what our destiny might hold.
Because all we did was love truly.
It’s easier to love being with you.
Love comes naturally…
You might worry is getting older.
Greying someday.
But i know your soul never gets older to stop loving me…
All i know is that.
We will never stop loving each other.
No matter what happens.
We hold each other always and forever…

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