A monotony..do you want to escape??

We all are so used to this monotony that we are too lazy to even grab the door and walk away. We keep ourselves comfortable in the pain too that even pain becomes a habit to us.
Sometimes I end up drinking the same sugar-less tea, just because I am lazy to get the sugar from the cupboard and add it to my tea. We do this most of the time. Have you ever slept all night on the bed sweating just because you are lazy to switch on the fan?
It is sometimes possible that the exit to a better one is right over there, but we choose to suffer..a little more every day.
Wandering in agony and suffering the silence and grudge the world has for us. We are gradually becoming stronger and used to the pain or may call it numb.
Do we realize whats the pain-causing damage to us?

Do we ever realize what we can achieve by choosing to walk away from pain?
We hardly do.
So why not give it a try.


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Do we ever realize what we can achieve by choosing to walk away from pain?
We hardly do.
So why not give it a try.


The other side of me

The other side of me…
Craves the most.
For attention.
Which the other side denies.
I look into the valleys of love.
In search of that equilibrium.
That i can attain.
With a pure soul.
I am in search of together i wanna bring in a bliss
That enlightens my dark soul.
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Like a fallen star

Like a fallen star from the sky.
I wandered everywhere to
Find my sky.
But all I found in the land.
Which extended and changed now and then.
I slipped.
I drowned.
I was exhausted.
I was broken.
I just existed. But survived the storms.
For a moment I thought, the whirlwind might take me home.
Yet again, it withered me into pieces.
Finally, I saw the sunshine.
The raindrops contained my reflection.
Yet, nothing took me home to my sky.
Until it was night,
When the moon lit up the sky.
With thousands of stars up there.
I lay there watching it, where I felt at home.
Until a wave carried me away,
Into an infinity.
When I was finally up in the sky.
Like a tingling star.
Dazzling in the sky,
Watching the world from up above.
With a smile.
That brightened the world beneath.

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I wanna freeze those moments
Wherein, we are never apart.
The time when you are enclosed in my arms.
And nothing could take you away from me.
The spark that frictions our souls.
To enlighten the mind.
To show us, that we belong to each other.
As I look into those deep eyes.
All I see is the unending love for me.
The yearning to be mine forever.
And the reflection of me,
That I searched in every eye that beholds me.
Only you behold me in your eyes.
Like the pearl in a shell.

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Love is in the air

The way we sync.
Like two magnets
Swaying together.
As our skins erode each other.
Bringing in music,
That soothes the mind.
You breathe me.
Like i do you.
Taking in each other.
As if we were starving for air. The moment, our eyes meet.
It is like. You are swimming in my eyes…
Diving deep into me.
Swimming in the ocean of love.
Rekindling, every hidden passion.
Setting each other in the unextinguishable fire of love.
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