Curl me into your arms

Placing my head.
Right on your arms extended.
Slowly as you curl me onto your chest.
Like a flower blooming.
My lips buds.
Allowing you to take them.
To bloom fully.
As music ascends.
Our passion soars to the abode of culmination.
You caress my petals.
Like the dew on it.
Rekindling every emotion.
That you bring in.
Every time we collide.
The emotions are boundless.
And i cherish it.
Like a rainbow in the sky.
Until the next time.
You rain upon me.
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I wonder where my vision is lost…

Sometimes i wonder,
What took my vision.
That i am lost in thoughts
Gazing it,
But in real.
The one i watch lies at infinity.
Beyond my vision could reach.
Still, i look into the barren reflection.
To discover the spark.
That awakens me from my boredom…
And enunciate my passion.
Rekindling every hidden memory.
To empower my words.
Which becomes poetry.

Sreepriya Menon
#thechaoticpoetess #wanderer #poetryfrommymind #lostmind

Until You

Until you,
I was nothing,
but a heap of mistakes.
until you,
i was just anarchy,
until you,
I was just that who was always lonely..
Until you,
I was just another soul who wept alone..
Until you,
I was nothing less than an unworthy soul..
Until you,
I was a nameless soul..
Until you,
I was just another broken soul,
Until you,
I just wandered along…
with no shores inviting me in….
Until you…
I was a lost soul..
who was then embraced with every chaos, scars and imperfections
wherein I felt complete.

You enlivened my life

Cupping my face in your palms.
Comforting my soul.
Hiding away your tears.
So i do not breakdown more.
You are my home.
Protecting me from the turbulence of life.
I weep in your arms.
As only you can comfort me.
None in the world,
Will see me cry.
As you contain my heart.
Thrusting me deeply into your body.
I knew what your soul echoed.
I knew all it wants me, alone
To be immersed in you.
So that none could snatch me away from you.
Being happy was never so easy.
Until i met you.
The need to pretend vanished.
Ever since i became yours.
It was all easy to express than hide.
Ever since i became yours.
You enlivened my life.
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Child abuse

As she stood, unwillingly i those terrible arms, which were fiddling over her body even when she was surrounded by people in the public place.. she felt like killing herself.. what else could she do… She was clothed…fully but those filthy hands were feeling her all over. She stood numb, as none noticed as she was clothed fully. Her tiny little eyes cried within…but none knew it.. her tiny little voice echoed within her, which was silenced by the demon who held her closer and abused her. She lost her mind..her dreams she never knew what was happening..he was so tiny as know..but all she felt she was getting dirty as if somebody pushed her into the mud, which even if she washed off could never clean her up.

Ever felt the pain of molestation…, However, it seems like the ones who passed this law must be given a chance to experience it. That is when they will stop passing these hideous laws which do nothing but save the demons and put the angels scarred forever. A child is so delicate, even a minor scar can devastate their mind and traumatize them deeply.
If you dont know the pain, stop being the judge over it.
Sreepriya Menon
#saveourchildren #childmolestation #bombayhighcourt #poscorule #savekids #childabuse