What you define..is not what she is…

She is a woman.
Designed to be the symbol of sacrifice, elegance, and blah blah blah.
She wishes to cut her hair..or grow her hair…because it is not what defines her.
She wishes to marry or not marry…because that is not what defines her.
She never following your rules ..so she is a spoiled brat… especially the one never to be followed.
But yea, you come to her when you are troubled.
She is angry and doesn’t want to cook..but yea she has a load of expectations hanging right on her back…
It weighs too much.
She is angry or sad..she wants to quit everything she does and walk away.
Oh..my then i become selfish…
She enjoys silence….then you say..she is hiding something.
She enjoys poetry..or romance… Then you define….she is truly a bitch…she needs sex all the time or she is craving.
Without even realizing she is a human being.
She is bound to wake up and feed all at home..even before she tells a bit..else she is entitled as selfish.
So..when do you think she gets her break.
Is it when she is old enough to be on the death bed.
Her struggles go unseen.
Because she is weaker.
She has no voice.
But stay sane.
As if everything is what she loves…
The moment she is out of your control.
You treat her like a wild dog. Needs to be tamed.
But you forget.
She is a tigress.
Who can be the best when untamed

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Nothing to Undo..Nothing to Redo

I randomly search the Pinterest page..to atumble on something that kicks open my writing…that’s how i deal with any writer’s block.. but yes..the writer’s block solution works only in this case wherein i am free to scribble anything i want irrespective of my word games, my spelling that goes wrong all the time and my words catching with the speed of my brain…
Forget that.
What i was saying is nothing to be undone and nothing to be redone..in life.
It’s because we become what we eventually do and not something that we want to undo.
What we already have done has become legendary that’s y we still wanna redo it….but again..there are no chances as such.
But again, if you ever get a chance do it.
Life gives you all ups and downs and it makes you who you, the very you, who are reading this.
So be proud of what you are..and yes do things, you would wanna redo and undo at times..that’s life.
Munch on your fav snack.
Love someone so deeply that you are hurt.
Love simply without any demands…
Get hurt.
Have a life.
Give a life.
Take pain.
Forget pain.
Soak in rain.
Drop your plans.
Work out your plans.
Lose weight.
Gain weight.
Lose yourself.
Find yourself.

Yes, in the end, it’s all about finding yourself amidst all this….even if it means, you lose yourself over a couple of times..who is keeping a count on it…just go for it.

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Have the courage to be disliked?

“Do you like me?”
“Oh please like me…please please please..”
We are either speaking these out loud or we are inwardly saying this in everything we do.
Being human is one thing we can’t get over.
From the beginning, we are asked to be good. “Be good ” “behave well” “you are a good boy/girl ” “just like my boy/girl” etc etc.
But do you know? it’s a trap?
The trap of people liking us. Trapping us to do what they or others want and stray away from what we deeply want. We tend to fall for it because we feel that’s right
Initially, it becomes easy to do as per others’ guidelines but gradually when we begin to discover what we want..things change our needs will conflict with others’ needs. It’s hard but doesn’t mean that it’s not achievable. Train your mind to do things you like in your way. We dont need to be necessarily be liked by all, because we are not everyone’s cup of tea…we are our glass of vodka or wine..which can intoxicate in a way that none can understand. The world is cruel and crooked, they trick us with a label of being liked and make us do things in our way following the monotony.
Choose for a different path…you shall be led to your destiny.

A monotony..do you want to escape??

We all are so used to this monotony that we are too lazy to even grab the door and walk away. We keep ourselves comfortable in the pain too that even pain becomes a habit to us.
Sometimes I end up drinking the same sugar-less tea, just because I am lazy to get the sugar from the cupboard and add it to my tea. We do this most of the time. Have you ever slept all night on the bed sweating just because you are lazy to switch on the fan?
It is sometimes possible that the exit to a better one is right over there, but we choose to suffer..a little more every day.
Wandering in agony and suffering the silence and grudge the world has for us. We are gradually becoming stronger and used to the pain or may call it numb.
Do we realize whats the pain-causing damage to us?

Do we ever realize what we can achieve by choosing to walk away from pain?
We hardly do.
So why not give it a try.


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Do we ever realize what we can achieve by choosing to walk away from pain?
We hardly do.
So why not give it a try.


The other side of me

The other side of me…
Craves the most.
For attention.
Which the other side denies.
I look into the valleys of love.
In search of that equilibrium.
That i can attain.
With a pure soul.
I am in search of together i wanna bring in a bliss
That enlightens my dark soul.
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