Nothing to Undo..Nothing to Redo

I randomly search the Pinterest atumble on something that kicks open my writing…that’s how i deal with any writer’s block.. but yes..the writer’s block solution works only in this case wherein i am free to scribble anything i want irrespective of my word games, my spelling that goes wrong all the time and my words catching with the speed of my brain…
Forget that.
What i was saying is nothing to be undone and nothing to be life.
It’s because we become what we eventually do and not something that we want to undo.
What we already have done has become legendary that’s y we still wanna redo it….but again..there are no chances as such.
But again, if you ever get a chance do it.
Life gives you all ups and downs and it makes you who you, the very you, who are reading this.
So be proud of what you are..and yes do things, you would wanna redo and undo at times..that’s life.
Munch on your fav snack.
Love someone so deeply that you are hurt.
Love simply without any demands…
Get hurt.
Have a life.
Give a life.
Take pain.
Forget pain.
Soak in rain.
Drop your plans.
Work out your plans.
Lose weight.
Gain weight.
Lose yourself.
Find yourself.

Yes, in the end, it’s all about finding yourself amidst all this….even if it means, you lose yourself over a couple of times..who is keeping a count on it…just go for it.

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You are my moon

You are like the moon.
To my sky.
When you are around.
My night seems to starry.
Like the way, the moon crawls into the careless sky.
You crawl into me.
Brightening my skin.
Untieing my inner shyness…
To evoke the love.
That only comes alive for you.
The way you peck my lips.
Caressing my tongue.
Biting my lips.
And upholding me, like
Am the flower you wanna smell in.
You take me,
Like the way i ever wanted.

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Take me fully

Brushing your fingers.
Into my deepest places.
Stimulating my heartbeat.
Like a rhythm played amok.
You bring on the music,
In me.
Which knows to play to your cadence.
Biting my lips, tasting the petals..
You engraved a mark on me..
Your whispers in my ears are the melody to them.
You are the cloud I wanna hide behind…
As you take me in..
Bringing my shine back.
Crawling up from my feet..
You take me like I am your toy to fondle with..
To remain there,
Is my desire.
As you kiss me, looking deeply into my eyes.
My shyness, blooms.

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Stay beside you all night

I wanna watch you as you sleep…
Stay beside you all night.
Caressing your skin slowly.
Running my fingers in your hair and beard.
Cupping your face and kissing on your lips…
A piece of ne wants to sew u sleep.
And another piece of me, want to hold you tight.
Close to my bosom.
So that you can listen to my heartbeat.
And drift slowly into a night so unforgettable.
Every night with you is unforgettable.
As i am lost in your eyes.
Which looks at me.
Like i am the wonder you never believed even existed.
Loving you endlessly is my wish.
And all i wanna be is there in that little nest of your soul.
Which pumps emotions endlessly.

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Like the night we longed for

Take me in your arms.
Like the night we met.
When we cuddled.
The most.
Rolling and playing around.
Without parting our lips.
When the world was silenced by our moans.
And echoed with our heartbeats.
The sleepless nights…
When our skins erode against each other.
To sing the melody of unforgettable love.
Every bite, you placed on my skin.
Left a mark, unfadable in my heart.
Every inch of me reminds me of our touch.
The smell of your skin lingers on me.
Even when we are apart.
Being away, all i desire,
Is your tinge on my skin.
Seize me from this fake world.
And take away, me into the world where only you and I exist.

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