Pinch of love

Never was I ever possessive..
ever since I began loving you..
I realized I need you as mine..
I forgot the world when you are with me.
My heart is uncontrollably overflowing with endless love for you…
even when I close my eyes….
all I see is you…
all I feel is you..
as you caress me..
running your fingers through my hair…
cupping my face…
taking me closer to your lips…
I can feel your breath brushing my skin…
ecstasy overfilling my heart…
i am in rhythm with your heart..
not a day is gone..without you by my side..
not a night has gone… where we never made love..
our souls when brushed together..
we sparked brightly..
to lit up our whole world..
even when you were away..
there was a reminiscence of you in me..
my skin smelled you..
i could still feel you all over me..
like you are still lingering by my side..
enclosing you in my arms..
i feel my world complete.
just be there..
beside me..
as I don’t know how I would survive..
without you.

The ChaoticPoetess

thechaoticpoetss #love #lovepoems #pisceansinlove #pisces♓

love #lovepoems #eroticpoems #poemsonlove

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