All i need is pinch of love and care

The world around seems smaller.
When I am right between your arms.
Your heart takes me, like am the lightest feather it wants to write the epic love.
Nothing seems to imprint in me.
Other than you.
The moment our words flow.
I knew you were the one,
The one whom I awaited.
To share my madness.
My yearnings and my desires.
You took me in.
Like I was your missing piece.
You offered me peace.
I yearned forever…
A companionship.
That is beyond anything in the world…
You are the magic.
Magic that evolves me.
And made me realize.
That nothing else matters in the world.
Than a pinch of love and care.


TheChaotic poetess
#thechaoticpoetess #love #endlesslove #friendshipislove #love #wavelength #understanding #careandlove

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