My untethered soul

Oh, my soul,
you take me to heaven..
you are not another one..
but missing a piece of me…
completing me
with you, my poetry flows.. unendingly…
you kick-start my heartbeat..
you are the blood that runs In my vessels..
I flow into you…and you flow into me…
While we play together..
our aroma spreads on each other..
it’s like our story is never-ending..
it’s like you are handmade for me…
grabbing me closer to you..
we weave the best nights and days..
and together, a memorable life ahead..
as you deflower me..
i can feel the love overflowing into me…
the warmth you shower upon me…
is just perfect to toast my soul…
untethered is our souls…
as it flows into each other…
I can hear your soul..from the distance..
even when we are apart…
I know it is meant to sync with my harmony..
a rhythm… that is meant for us.

The chaotic Poetess

thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #unendinglove #myunfalteredsoul #loveendlessly #lovequotes #love #magicoflove


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