You gave me a space, which none gave

The world was never an attractive place for me
until you came in…
it was like my world was lit up suddenly.
I could feel the world has become much more beautiful, as I see it through your eyes…
I was stuck with my loneliness in this modern world…
when I met you…
loneliness seems to walk astray from me…
now I yearn for you more than anything else..
now I wish,
loneliness never strikes me again…
as I learned to love you more and more…
and being away from you…
is like killing me…
In this world, I dived deep into you..
exploring you showed me a beautiful world..
that’s beyond my imagination..
A world,
that’s meant for me to stay and nurture..
You gave me that space,
none could ever give me.
A space where you hold me…
like never ever one can hold me.



#hearttoheart #poemsonlove #iloveyou #lovemysteriously #touchofheart #loveverywhere #loveisbeyondyou #love #lovemore


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