You in my abode

Curled up in your arms.
Sinking in your skin.
In sync with your heartbeat.
Consumed by your breath.
I wanna wake up beside you. every day.
Cherishing every moment your fingers brush upon my skin.
As if it’s polishing me with the warmest functioning.
Every time you touch.
It’s my eyes glowing.
As you impart the love within you into me.
Like magnets, we stick together.
Catching every breath…
With our lips lingering closer than ever.
Our tongues never relax exploring the hidden treasures.
And it gives the best pleasure, that your hands crave to take.
Igniting the fire within us.
We burn together.
And wave together like the waves of the sea.
Until you settle on me…
Thrusting deeper into me.
Locking yourself into the abode of me.
#thechaoticpoetessme #lovepoem #eroticpoem #poemsonlove #erotic #love #loveforever #youandme


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