Stop judging me just because you are scared

Why judge me, just because my writing is different?
Why judge me just because my imagination is wild..?
Why judge me just because i love myself?
Why judge me just because i love my job?
Why judge me just because i love erotica?
Why judge me just because i love being open?
Why judge me just because i have daughters to take care of?
Why judge me just because i listen to my heart?
Why judge me just because i am of my free will?
Why judge me just because i am a woman writer?
Why judge me just because i am a romance writer?

Thoughts clouded my mind.
Being a woman made me a sinner.
This is what people assume about me.
I do not write to gain followers..or any kind of interest from people…
I write because i love to write.
My poems are not me.
It is the world around me,…
But again, words are judged.
My poetry is wings to my thoughts.
It let my notions fly high.
It lets me portray a world so liberal.
It sets on freedom, then on being caged.
My freedom ignites the fear in you.
You..who hates freedom and love to be confiscated in their thoughts and limitations.
I am not your threat.
You are your threat.
Your mind is mystified.
Do not let me breathe fire…
That i contain inside me.
Stop judging me,
Just because you are fearful.


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Love Endless

You and I met at a stage so vulnerable.
But we met as we were meant to be together.
Your soul struck mine like a lightning bolt ⚡.
Where i felt all of me alive once again.
We traversed a lot.
Sailing through thick and thin.
Unknowing what our destiny might hold.
Because all we did was love truly.
It’s easier to love being with you.
Love comes naturally…
You might worry is getting older.
Greying someday.
But i know your soul never gets older to stop loving me…
All i know is that.
We will never stop loving each other.
No matter what happens.
We hold each other always and forever…

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Unfolding me to you

Like sand grains sticking onto my skin.
I unfold myself into you.
Lingering beside you,…
I feel like you are the best part of me…
The part i was missing for a long.
As you fit into me like you have been mine forever.
As i lay on your laps.
Letting your hands explore me.
I cup your face,
And fall deep into your eyes.
Invigorating your lips.
Locking it with mine …
I always enjoy the way,
Our tongues play their way to tangle together.
Frictioningbmy skin to yours,
I feel the ignition…
Igniting my hormones.
Like never before.
Your touch blooms my hidden flower.
Aromatizing our skin,…
With the honey, it sheds.

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Invigorating the Tastebuds

Do you know,
What am i whispering into your ears?
Every time i see you,
All i wanna do is bite your ears.
As i say.
How much i love you.
It’s easier to fall deep into your eyes.
As our lips meet.
Firing up a conversation between our tastebuds.
Invigorating the fire within us.
Tangling together we let ourselves be explored by each other.
Until i reach the paradise you create for me.
You are my heaven always and forever.

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