You are my happy place

You and I are weaving memories..
Memories for a lifetime.
Life with you beside me…
Is the best..
Nights beside you..
As you caress and play with my hair.
And tell me thousands of stories of your childhood.
I wanna watch and listen to you all night…
About anything and everything you love to tell me..
Once you are tired, …all I want is to..
Put your head on my lap..
And play with my fingers in your hair…
Putting you to sleep…
I can do this every night…with you beside me..
You are my lifeline.
You are my soul..
The happy place.
#thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #loveislife #lifeislove #youandme #youaremylife #bemine #yourloveismyelixir #happyplace #littlethings

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