World Mental Health Day: Helping hand

We all have problems
Health problems, relationship problems, void problems.. sexual health problems, mental health problems, and much more. Out of these, we tend to work on a few of them and even seek help from a doctor. For the mental health problem, we don’t even reckon we need help or assistance. It is said that the higher intelligence or education precisely…not intelligence i suppose…we received..we think that mental health problems are for the lesser educated ones. We ignore the minute issues we face in our lives and tend to bottle up everything. We don’t want to even acknowledge it, that it exists. Like sexual problems…mental problems are also hidden..from the outer world. We conceal it because we are embarrassed to talk about it. It takes a great deal to come out of our cocoon and express our true emotions because we are never accepted for what we are. We tell a child to shush..when they cry…ask them to be quiet all the time… Shut them up when they are angry…This is how we are taught from the first. Shut your emotions..but now it’s time to nurture a new generation…. allow them to speak up and be who they are. Let our generation know the value of opening up their true feelings.
Nurture a new you.

If you feel like sharing…here i am right for you…to listen to you without judgments.

Dm me. if you need.

#worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth #sexualhealth #emotionalwellbeing #stayhappy #thechaoticpoetess 

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