Unfolding me to you

Like sand grains sticking onto my skin.
I unfold myself into you.
Lingering beside you,…
I feel like you are the best part of me…
The part i was missing for a long.
As you fit into me like you have been mine forever.
As i lay on your laps.
Letting your hands explore me.
I cup your face,
And fall deep into your eyes.
Invigorating your lips.
Locking it with mine …
I always enjoy the way,
Our tongues play their way to tangle together.
Frictioningbmy skin to yours,
I feel the ignition…
Igniting my hormones.
Like never before.
Your touch blooms my hidden flower.
Aromatizing our skin,…
With the honey, it sheds.

#thechaoticpoetess #poemsonlove #romance #imagepinterest #loveisintheair #imaginelove #couplegoals #cousples #mylove #youandme #eroticwriter #writebeyondimagination

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