Love is Magic

The secret pathways.
Where are our fingers crossed……
And lips sealed each other.
The way you hold me closer.
Is like you never want me to fade away.
Spending nights and days away from you is tougher.
Your voice is what drives me through the tough times.
Surviving without you is unimaginable.
Every moment in your closeness.
Is like magic.
I know i get lost in those eyes.
Which keeps pulling me closer.
Closer like never.
Every time, our lips chose to wander away from each other.
It tends to entice every other inch of our skin.
Like your tongue is exploring me.
And mine yours…
Raising my heartbeat in harmony with yours.
#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #love #romance #collegelove #love #loveforever #youandme #youandmeforever #romancrintheair #nightlove

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