Her Chaos

Cradled from the time born.
She was born to be chained.
Her desires were wild for the people she knew. she loved.
They shackled her in the name of love.
Something she began to hate.
Withdrawn she became.
Conversations become harder.
She sealed herself in her cocoon.
Which they weaved around her.
With responsibilities..restrictions and much more..than she could ever bear.
Like a ghost, she trod.
To be freed from all these burdens, she is heavying upon her.
Her mind could tread away to infinity…
Which her loved ones defined as arrogance.
It was only her escape.
Her escape which was termed ‘ bad girl behavior’ ….was something like a red alert for her.
She began to restrict herself..to fall in good books.
But all she lost was herself in the race.
The struggle went on…
And on.
Until she burst away.

Where she becomes someone else.
She was never.

Lost in her chaos.

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