The Pain for Hope

I feel like i am ripping apart.
It’s like tearing myself away.
My heart is fiddling under the stabbed knife.
The knife is made of hope, love, care, and everything i have for you.
The one i stabbed on myself…
The pain which you and I suffer together.
We never fall apart.
I do not know for how long we have to endure this agony.
The agony that is insanely growing within us…
Nights and days seem longer…
Breathing is as impossible as living…
I might cry… as you do…
Sometimes i cannot stand the pain.
But i promise not to hurt myself more than this…
All this pain i endure is for us.
For our better days to come.
Where we are together healing…
All i dream of is the moment i am embracing you.
Like how you ever embraced me.
Awaiting for it.
Until then i embrace the you do.

#thechaoticpoetess #pain #loveandpain #paininlove #longdistancelove #loveforever #foreverinlove #contentwriters #writingispassion #passionislove #love #lovepoems

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