Living A lie

Hiding away was the only tactic, that let me survive for long.
Every time, i see trouble i chicken out.
Knowing i could face it.
Every time i wrapped my soul,
And ran off.
Until once, i was unable to.
All i need to do was,
Face it.
Take up the pain, shame, and disdain.
Eventually, i thought I lost everything..
But the despise caused me to trade my promises to myself..
I dumped myself and became someone unknown to me…
To gain a fake name…
I became someone… Who was unfamiliar to my soul..
A skin I wished to tear off…
Again, I cocooned my true self for the world I cared for..
Or for the world, I wised loved the true me for once..
Time passed…
Flowers bloomed..
Leaves fell off..
Clouds came by and went..
And once like a lightning strike..
There I shed my cocoon,
The wind knocked me off..
And there I arouse, from the strict curfew I imposed on my true self..
And poetry began to flow…
I revived the ME hidden in Me.


#thechaoticpoetess #sreepriyawrites #poems #lonewoman #empower #poetrylove #meagain #regainingme #livingalie #instapoetess #poemporn #poetryislife

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