My unhooked soul within you

When you hold me alongside.
Like you never gonna be away from me.
Your eyes,  pinning me to your soul.
Your lips, craving for mine.
All i can feel is your breath,
Falling on my skin…
Brushing my tiny hairs.
Blowing the heat within me.
I cup your face,
Slowly bringing it close to my chest…
Wanna hug you tighter.
And amalgamate, you into me.
Deeper as you delve into me.
I hug u carefully.
Like you are just a piece of me.
The warmth inside me.
Crawls along with yours.
Like you unlocked my home,
And broke open the windows…
To let the sunlight enter the emptiness…
Unhooked was my soul…
In your arms…
As it enjoys its journey within you…
You become my home.

#thechaoticpoetess #lovepoems #love #youandme #deeplove #romance #deeperpassion #passionate

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