My eternal love

You are the craziness of my heart.
The one who ignites my emotions.
With you am tangible.
Like you know to mold me in your arms…
The way you cradle me, in your heart and arms.
It’s like heaven for me…
You make my world.
Enriched with all your love.
Elegance is your charm.
The magic in your smile.
I do not know, what makes you so special.
But yes, the moment i see you.
You bloom my heart and soul.
You see my naked soul.
Which enthralls you, every way.
I wanna be in your arms,
Like always,
Wake up beside you,
In your warmth.
I do not know, how you entice me.
But all i know is you make me feel alive.
#thechaoticpoetess #love #lovepoems #youandme #youandmeforever #loveinfinite #pininterest #romance #eternallove

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